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Are you keeping up with all of the brilliant recipes coming out with Feel Good Food? There’s one a week! I’ve been filming again this week – another eight recipes – so lots more to keep you going. I know that many of you love cooking, so I hope that you find these useful. I definitely do – I’ve pulled myself out of a cooking rut since I started working with the Sorted Food chaps. The fact that the series focuses on amazing meals that are wholesome and fresh makes it my dream project – I also get to eat all day long. Dream job?

You can see the Feel Good Food videos on Youtube here. (There’s also sex chat with Tracey Cox and weekly news with the beautiful Pixiwoo sisters. What more do you want?)


  1. Hahaha Ruth, I love this picture!

  2. There are a couple of things I’m interested in, such as the light chicken korma! I super love that channel, along with daily mix, but I feel that Bodytalk is more ‘hollistic’, if that makes sense? I also really like Tracey Cox, she makes me laugh with her advice though about all things to do with the bedroom! Also, I think it’s an brilliant idea to have a professional doctor there (forgot his name) to give advice on things that everyone is thinking about (like the difference between flu and a cold, and what is norovirus). Love, love, LOVE that channel! I obviously love watching you with the sorted food guys, when you were on holiday I was having Ruth-withdrawal symptoms and watched your cooking vids to get me through! Haha, sorry if it comes across as weird :p

  3. i love sorted food – ive tried out a couple of the feel good food recipes and they’re surprisingly easy! very handy for uni kids like me trying desperately to eat healthily despite my embarrassingly awful cooking skills… i’m trying though! :D xxxxx

    • Hi Claris. Would you be able to tell me which recipes you’ve tried? I am studying in university also and would love a good recommendation! P.S. where are you studying?

  4. V cool. This will help me in my new life as a young housewife. I want my husband to stop bringing food from restaurants all the time! Ruth you look so pretty in that pic despite the ‘stache. Oh btw for omorovicza, I found if you buy any of their winter regime items (mist, mask, night cream, illuminating moisturizer), which are already 15% off, and use the 15% off code you wrote about before, you can get quite a “deal” (well, not a deal considering it’s still overpriced, but better than before)! Public service announcement…

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