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Messing About with My Makeup

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Sorry, I look a bit moody here don’t I? I do smile but I never catch it on camera properly for a stills shot. I always get myself mid-grin looking like someone who’s escaped from an institution. Oh well. It won’t affect your enjoyment of the video, I hope – it’s an informal old thing, anyway. Just me messing about with some makeup – lots of new bits and pieces. The lighting is a bit yellow, perhaps, because I had a weird lamp on and it turned everything a shade of jaundice. Shan’t do that again! I also managed to break my favourite Louise Young brush by leaving it in the sink – it’s a brilliant, chunky brush that’s almost like some kind of heavy-duty masonry-paint brush. It really gets the product on fast and leaves a good finish.

I love this lipstick from Chanel: La Favorite. It’s – wait for it – my favorite this spring! I also love, very much, the Theodora palette from Urban Decay (review here). I think it’s out in Debenhams this week – if it is it’ll be in this section: Urban Decay

If you’re reading this via email, you need to click here to watch the video on Youtube!

Products Shown:

Bare Minerals Primer: http://tidd.ly/ef74df39

Louise Young LY34 Brush: http://tidd.ly/9f33605b

Dior Nude Foundation in shade 030: http://tidd.ly/2ac080b1

Dermablend Shade 13: http://tidd.ly/5825c14a

Smoothing Concealer from Estee Lauder: http://tidd.ly/e959429d

Clarins Face Powder: http://tidd.ly/c7709cbb

Daniel Sandler Bronzer Brush: http://tidd.ly/c49153be

Guerlain Maxi-Lash Mascara: http://tidd.ly/57466948

Theodora Palette – more info see here:http://www.amodelrecommends.com/2013/01/15/urban-decay-oz-the-great-and-power…

Chanel Lipstick in La Favorite – found it at Boots, it’s quite elusive!http://tidd.ly/caf07485

Chanel Polish in Emprise: http://tidd.ly/ac464876

Coat is a faux fur vintage coat from a store on Washington Avenue in Miami.


  1. i had dior forever 020 and is too pink but 030 is a tad dark and don’t match my skin very well but i still dior products,,,, have you try maestro lipstick of giorgio armani is so beautiful is matte and last so much

  2. you’re skin is so nice… do you have warm beige undertones or yellow¿ in mac for reference what shade are you

  3. I love that Chanel lipstick, bought it when passing the chanel counter. I use Nuxe Reve de miel underneath it because it is a little bit drying, it makes the colour come out better. I would say it’s a coral going towards pink. It’s amazing!

  4. Could you do a proper review of the Chanel lipstick? I really like the color, but when I tried it in the shop it felt like it would be quite drying. Does it wear comfortably? And have you compared it with the Rouge Allure in Enjouee?
    Love your blog xxx

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