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My Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Tips

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Following on from the diet tips video (see here for that) we have my top five fitness and exercise tips. All common sense, again, with a few rambling old thoughts thrown in for good measure. I’m on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment – I want to try lots of new classes and activities, so do keep on sending me your suggestions.

On a new note, I just tweeted the sentence “Just tried to light a candle with one of those nail buffing bolocks.” Sometimes I really do hate my iPhone.

If you can’t see the video because you’re reading this remotely then you can easily rectify that by clicking here: http://youtu.be/7RU247g3fdg


  1. All good advice! Especially about finding enjoyable stuff to do. I struggle with DVDs myself though as our lounge is tiny. I prefer a class due to the variety you get. It’s good getting used to a set time ie you get into a habit of going. I like working with others and the tips from instructor too… Still each to their own.Whatever works for you.

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