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A Springtime Feerie…

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Um. Have you ever seen a bottle-top prettier? Does this not appeal to the five-to-ten year-old in you? (And the fifteen, twenty-five, fifty, eighty year-old too?) It’s a fairy sitting on a flower, for crying out loud! Things just don’t get more girly than this! Van Cleef & Arpels, hugely fabulous and luxurious jewellers, are quite partial to a fairy or two. See item of jewellery below:

van cleef fairy jewellery Don’t ask how much this costs- it’s one of those “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” numbers and I’m too embarrassed to “apply for price”. Anyway, there’s more than a little resemblance between the incredibly expensive piece of jewellery and the perfume bottle top, isn’t there? I like that a lot – you can almost buy into the whole fine jewellery feel for a fraction of the price and you get a fragrance too. The Feerie Spring Blossom eau de toilette is a blast of floral and fruity springtime scents – I think that the peony is most noticeable, but that’s perhaps because I adore peony scents and I’m always sniffing around for them. There’s an original version of this too – you may have seen it, it’s blue rather than pink. That one has parma violets listed as one of the notes: has anyone tried it? It sounds delicious!

Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie is £54 for 50ml with free delivery from FeelUnique.com


  1. I have the Feerie Rose de Neiges. The bottle is absolutely beautiful, but the scent is a little too “old lady-ish” for me. I still wear it (when I’m not seeing anybody) because it would be a shame to waste it.

  2. I’d so get this just for the bottle, very pretty :)

  3. Its so nice to see some of the brands returning to really pretty, boudoir worthy packaging. You’d be tempted to buy it just for the looks.

    Ali x

  4. The original was my wedding fragrance so now every time my husband and I smell the fragrance or parma violets we are transported back to our big day. I shall definitely be hunting this new one down!

  5. I have the original, it’s “my precious!” I only wear on special occasions and every single time there are people complimenting me… Have the prefume in the big bottle… simple divine!!

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  7. This is absolutely stunning! Oh why do such lovely things have to be so expensive? (Rhetorical question!) xx

  8. I knew it as Van Cleef the moment I saw it… Simply adire their creations, too bad they are out of my price range :(

  9. This is so gorgeous, I’m so sad they don’t do delivery to Australia :'( and it sounds like such a lovely fragrance too!

  10. So beautiful! I love fairies! So pretty- I wish I owned this!

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