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The Best Affordable Ballet Pumps

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OK, I know that this won’t be every person’s idea of affordable, but I hate spending money on very cheap things that don’t last – especially when it comes to footwear. I’ve tried a few pairs of ballet pumps at the cheapest end of the market and they were pretty shoddy – I’ve also had a few very expensive pairs that weren’t up to much! Ballet pumps have to be just right – too small and they pinch at the back, too baggy and they gape and fall off.

The ones that I wear most (and find most comfortable) are, I think, a happy medium when it comes to price and there’s no compromise on quality. I’ve had a pair of Ceclia’s from Office since they began producing them and I’ve bought three pairs altogether. I’m just about to press the “buy” button on a fourth, the natural colour with black toe. I like the shape of the Cecilia pumps – they are very classic and don’t show any “toe cleavage”, a phrase that freaks me out beyond all that is reasonable. The leather is good, the toe-cap solid and sturdy and although the inner sole can tend to ruche up (I glue them down) the overall build is pretty bloody good for just over fifty quid. If you have an NHS NUS! card then you can grab a pair for less than fifty quid, which I’m aware isn’t altogether “student budget friendly” but better to have a pair that will at least last the term!

My pick of the colours? Black leather with black toe cap. I wear mine all the time and have had them for three years – you can’t go wrong with chic black ballet pumps.

Office Cecilia Ballerina Pumps, £56 from Office.co.uk


  1. These look really cute, I’m always on the hunt for good ballet flats, I was very excited to see that they ship to Australia! Thanks Ruth!

    Zoe xx

  2. They look nice, but I couldn’t wear them. I find ballet style’s far too flat for my feet, and I need a small heel. I’d really like to find a low to flat shoe that has a lot of cushion underneath, with rubber sole that are attractive. This is for when I am working in a salon, hence the reason for comfort. The dedicated shoes for salon’s are rather frumpy.. not nice looking at all, not that anyone will be looking at my footwear, but when buying it helps if you like them.. xx

  3. NUS?

    Ballet flats never have enough cushioning in the sole. Or maybe I’m just getting old…

  4. I love flats, I hate being too tall during the day so i live in flat shoes! Will be popping into my nearest Office after payday!

  5. I’ve had two pairs of these too, they’re my staples! I need to buy my third pair as my current ones are a little worn out now! x

  6. Do you mean an “NUS” card that gives students money off? I’m almost certain the NHS aren’t going to give me shoe discount!
    Love x

  7. aaagh – can’t get past the pump bump! And is just me, but I must admit I’m so spoiled by trainers/platforms/thicker soles, I find it a bit painful to wear thin soles while trotting through town. ‘Specially on those little lumpy bits in front of crossings. xxx

  8. I’ve bought the black version of these pumps twice & they are fantastic! So comfortable & have lasted incredibly well. I use one for casual wear & the other pair for my part-time work (in a nursery school, so on the go all day & comfort is key!). I’m sure when I first bought them though they were less than the current £56 price tag, but still, I totally agree that they’re a worthwhile investment. In fact I’m very tempted by the studded version now…! x

  9. I have a pair like that except they are Jaegar ones. I love them and also have a pair of shoeboots with a 2-3″ heel by Jaegar in the same quilted leather and they are both so comfy and look so chic and Chanel style. TBH that’s not a bad price especially considering they are leather. Must admit I prefer leather to manmade as they last longer and adjust to your feet also x

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