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A Day in my Life at London Fashion Week

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I’m really quite ill at the moment – a cough-cold turned into what I think was flu which then developed into some kind of horrendous sickness bug. Throw in a few extra maladies which I won’t go into and you have a thoroughly broken-down Ruth. I feel as though my body has given up on me this week and it’s most disconcerting. I write this with a pounding head and an emergency bucket to the side of me (the cat is currently asleep in it, but it’s clean, thank goodness) and I couldn’t be less glamorous. I can barely move more than my arms so I’m doing a cheat’s post today and giving you the vlog that I made for London Fashion Week. I filmed an entire day (the Saturday) so that you could get a taste of the hectic atmosphere and the energy behind the shows.

The jumper I’m wearing above is from Gant – I borrowed it from Halpern PR’s showroom because I was freezing but you can see more of that if you watch the video. If you’re reading via email then you’ll need to click here to view the vlog.


  1. Yep, from Whistles, have no idea how it would compare to Mubaa though I’m afraid! x

  2. Cara Cara Cara!! <3

  3. Ooh you look lush here! Sexy and vamp-like!

  4. Hope you are taking proper care of yourself! I know Mr. Bear must be as upset about you being ill as the rest of us are. XX

  5. Hope you feel better soon Ruth!!


  6. Get well soon! I would like an endless Bob and Mr Bear channel beamed into my eyes, for they are awesome.

  7. Loved this video Ruth! Get well soon :)

  8. Feel better soon, Ruth.

  9. Sounds a miserable lurgy, Ruth — feel for you. Hope Mr (Dr?!) Bear & Mr AMR look after you. Get well soon. xx

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