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Approach with Caution


You may have realised from the lack of regular posts that I’m still very poorly. I’m really struggling to shake off this terrible flu thing which appears to have turned into a bad infection and a myriad of other aches and pains. I feel as though I’ve been hit by a bus – a phrase I’ve used lightly in the past, especially when referring to hangovers – but truly, all of my ribs and backbones feel as though they’ve been shattered.

With my cocktail of antibiotics and painkillers (and cakes) I’m hoping to be better very soon – I just wanted to update you so you didn’t wonder where on earth I’d got to. Laters, alligators. x


  1. You poor poppet. My daughter has had a bad cold/flu thing and she was miserable. It went on for ages. Makes you want to start wearing one of those face masks that they wear in the Far East :) Mingling with the public is a germ-fest. Better to stay at home and never go out. Just waft around the house in lovely loungewear shopping online :) Who needs the outside world? Get well soon x

  2. Aww, Ruth, I hope you’re on your way to feeling better! I’m sure the antibiotics are doing its thing, and both Mr Bear and Mr AMR better be doing their bit in making you feel better! Take your time recovering, don’t rush back to blogging until you feel 100% again! Get well soon :) xxx

  3. Get well soon Ruth! x

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