mr bear british shorthair

Do I Look Fat Like This?

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Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist. Poor old Mr Bear. It really is the angle, you know. He’s not actually overweight! Apparently British Shorthair cats can grow up to 10kg, and Mr Bear is around 6kg. He still looks teeny to me, but then when I see other cats I realise just how chunky he is. The big, [...]

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Estelle & Thild Raspberry Lip Balm

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I tried just about every lip balm on the planet when I was ill with flu – my lips had dried up so much that the skin had formed hard little plates that rubbed together! It was like having armadillos for lips! But at least it gave me the opportunity to really road-test the lip [...]

packing for fashion shoot

Packing for Palm Springs

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I’m about to start my run of Palm Springs Vlogs – behind-the-scenes videos from the fashion shoots that I’ve been doing out here. Everything is (necessarily) quite a few days behind “real time” (have to edit and upload and the internet’s not so fast here!) so a few of them might start popping up once I’m back [...]

feline groovy tangle teezer animal print

Feline Groovy Tangle Teezer – Miaow!

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Just when I thought that Tangle Teezers couldn’t get any better, I spot one in animal print! This style is called Feline Groovy and is one of the “compact stylers”. Now I don’t really get the compact stylers – they have a protective cover for the teeth, but I find it a faff to get on and off and [...]

ruth crilly model blog beauty

Going Brunette…

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Don’t worry, I haven’t actually gone brunette. It was just for the day. I think that me going brunette would be a little drastic, and my lovely bookers at Models1 would probably have heart failure! I’d have to re-do my whole portfolio… I often have to have temporary changes made to my hair – usually [...]

nail polish swatches and review

Lipgloss for the Nails: Dior Sparkling Shine

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The new “Addict” polishes from Dior are so unbelievably juicy. I first tried them at their top-secret launch in Paris earlier in the year (you can read about that trip here) but have only just got around to having a proper test. In the photograph I’m wearing Spring Ball, shade number 343. It’s a sparkly, corally pink [...]

instagram model search

How to Get Scouted? The Models 1 Instagram Search!

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I love this model search that my agency, Models1, are running. You enter by uploading a “selfie” (self-portrait taken on your smart phone, in case you’re as out-of-the-loop as I am!) to your Instagram and make sure to tag @models_1uk in with the hashtag #makememodels1. It’s a great (and incredibly quick and easy!) way to [...]

tk maxx

Shopping the trends for TK Maxx “Do Your Thing”

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TK Maxx* have just launched a new campaign called “Do Your Thing” and I went to the Charing Cross Road branch in London to do just that. My thing. Which is, if you hadn’t noticed before, shopping. I was finding four outfits for different budgets that covered four of the key spring summer trends; I picked [...]