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Liam Fahy – on the lust-list.

liam fahy boots

OK, it’s not actually Liam himself on the lust-list, though I did meet him and a very lovely man he was too. No, it’s his shoes. Beautifully-crafted, elegant shoes. Unfortunately for the majority of us, these shoes are some of the most expensive in the world – retailing at between about £400 and £800. You know me, though – if I can find a way to justify my spending then I will. And I have been practising how I’ll justify buying these boots:

liam fahy boots

I love everything about them. They are my perfect boot – a sturdy heel that’s still elegant and sexy, a nod to the equestrian and another to the military trend…and just look at the soles! Your very own horseshoes! Oh, how I can annoy the neighbours clip-clopping home at night!

liam fahy boots

So yes, I must have them. But I think that they will retail at £750. So, here goes with my justification train-of-thought:

1) I can somehow cleverly write them off through the company accounts. Because surely I wouldn’t be able to properly run A Model Recommends without a pair of Liam Fahy boots?

2) I am intending to wear them over 750 times. That’s less than £1 per wear. I once bought a pair of wedges from Ravel for £5 and wore them once, which in effect made the Ravel wedges five times more expensive than Liam’s boots.

3) I didn’t buy any boots this winter and I also didn’t invest in a new coat. Saving? Over £750! Therefore the boots are free.

4) If I don’t buy them, I’ll have to steal them. If I get caught and prosecuted, it will cost me money. I emailed my lawyers this morning and asked them to give me a quote for representation in this (potential) matter and after a few back-and-forths (and a warning that if I asked any further questions it would cost me £175 for their time) they came in at about £2,200. Providing there were no complications. Therefore, buying the boots will save me nearly £1500.

In summary, the boots will: save my business, cost five times less than my £5 Ravel wedges, actually be free and also save me the embarrassment of being put away for shoplifting. Oh, and the legal fees. They’ll save me the legal fees. It’s a no-brainer, surely?

Just tell me when I can get my hands on them, Liam Fahy – I’m there. I just have to decide which colour.

liam fahy boots

You can find out more about Liam Fahy on his website here – these boots are called Jolie and they’ll be available from July 2013.


  1. Maybe you can do a bulk buy for interested readers thereby reducing the cost. If we can get the price down to £450 I’m in. Size 38 black, please. Ha ha. Mxox

    • I’ll see what I can do! Haha, imagine – my house filled with stock, Mr AMR watching TV amidst a pile of shoe boxes…

  2. fair enough, but there are two other similar models in the market right now, and they cost a lot less. The Kurt Geiger Carvela Sadie boots and the Aldo

  3. This justification reminded me of Rebecca Bloomwood in the Shopaholic books! Especially the prosecution bit haha! Amazing list of reasons, but don’t let us sway your decision! x

  4. Maybe reconsider the shoplifting option – I’m sure you wouldn’t go down for a first offence… x

  5. Oh, and I’m sold on the horse shoe! Must have must have must have, slaver, drool… Can’t afford them tho’ and the Sales Policeman is always on duty at the mo’ as I officially have no money for this kind of thing! xxx

  6. hahaha I love your justifications for them! so funny! Those boots are gorgeous though!

  7. Love the dark brown!

  8. I love your reasoning Ruth! I mean how can you NOT buy them after that? The black ones are gorgeous. xx

  9. your reasoning is inspirational & i may have to steal them! im not normally a shoe person, but i spent most of my childhood sticking drawing pins in the bottoms of my shoes so they would clip and clop, so its like someone has took my childhood desires and made them real! right, 4 months to save up….

  10. Go get them girl!

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