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Lipgloss for the Nails: Dior Sparkling Shine

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The new “Addict” polishes from Dior are so unbelievably juicy. I first tried them at their top-secret launch in Paris earlier in the year (you can read about that trip here) but have only just got around to having a proper test.

In the photograph I’m wearing Spring Ball, shade number 343. It’s a sparkly, corally pink that could be a little “beauty pageant” if it wasn’t Dior – they just seem to have a way with the sparkle that makes it just the right side of chic. This kind of shade could easily look a bit cheap, but Dior’s sparkle is a different class of sparkle. It’s somehow juicy and plump looking, a little like it could be made from jelly sweets. There’s a gel-like quality to it that gives a wonderful shine and gloss – I suppose, in a way, it looks like thickly-applied, shimmer-finish lipgloss.

Lipgloss for the nails, then – appropriate considering that the Vernis Sparkling Shine accompany the launch of Dior’s Addict glosses. They, too, are super-shiny and glimmery with just the right finish. I’m currently in Palm Springs shooting beauty stories for TWO Magazine so this polish is from Sam Chapman’s stash, but I think I actually have this shade at home. I hope so, because it’s the perfect spring/summer shade for giving a bit of instant “lift” to your nails – the shade Delice is a nice option if you want something a little punchier.

A note on wear, application, finish: I love Dior’s polishes for their wide brush, easy application and good wear. I consistently turn to their nude shades for a quick nail fix if I need to look groomed and presentable and I’d say that the Sparkling Shine shades are just as easy to apply and wear as the nudes. I’d definitely recommend a base-coat with these corally shades, though – I often end up with severely stained nails if I skip that step!

Dior Vernis Sparkling Shine nail polishes are £18 at Debenhams.com


  1. absolutely love this shade! I’m a little obsessed with pinks and corals at the minute, just wish I was also in Palm Springs wearing it! xx

  2. Love Spring Ball! It’s so beautiful! ♥

  3. I love the simpleness of this shade – looks gorgeous xo

  4. Nice colours! I love the way Chanel nailpolishes look!

  5. Congrats on the mention in The Guardian! (25/03/13)

  6. How long does it stay on the nails? I am looking for nail polish that does not chip after 1 day. Not found it yet… Apart from maybe Mavala (Swiss), stays nicely for 2 days, but no more….

    • Stays for a good four or five days with a good basecoat. Also have a look at Orly with the rubberised basecoat – you literally have to chip it off with a chisel!

  7. Absolutely lovely. You have such a great taste when choosing shades of color :)

  8. I’ve seen a few swatches of these and they look absolutely lovely. Thanks for the review! xo

  9. Oh, this is beautiful! I’d love to try this :)

  10. Love this shade! Are the sparkles in gold?

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