Packing for Palm Springs

packing for fashion shoot

I’m about to start my run of Palm Springs Vlogs – behind-the-scenes videos from the fashion shoots that I’ve been doing out here. Everything is (necessarily) quite a few days behind “real time” (have to edit and upload and the internet’s not so fast here!) so a few of them might start popping up once I’m back in the UK.

The first vlog has a rummage in my giant suitcase – I haven’t used this suitcase since the last time I went to Tokyo! Years and years ago. I needed a huge case because the stylist was already in LA and I had to bring quite a few of the shoot samples. I’m usually a bit frugal with my packing and choose everything carefully, but I had extra luggage allowance so I just packed everything!

Emails readers will need to click here to view, for everyone else, the video is at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to subscribe to my “vlog channel” then the link is here!

Things I packed:

Platinum Jewellery is by Sarah Jordan:

Sunglasses by Polaroid:…

Swimwear from Princesse Tam Tam:

Colour block bikinis from Violet Lake

Shoot clothing from Hush:

T-Bags LA Dress is my own

Coral dress from TK Maxx Gold Label

Issa dress was from eBay!


  1. I LVOE that Hush dress – they’re such a good brand! xo

  2. Hi Ruth, not too sure if you mentioned it or not, but where is the jacket you are wearing in the video from? Thanks!

  3. Hi Ruth!! I’ve been reading your blog! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m so intrigued by the Alpha- H. Anyways, I read on one comment you didnt like the clinique 3 step, I’m currently using it. So I was wondering what other products would you recommend? (I have combination skin, oly t zone and when I get spots THEY AWAYs leave dark marks).

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