Do I Look Fat Like This?

cat looking fat

Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist. Poor old Mr Bear. It really is the angle, you know. He’s not actually overweight! Apparently British Shorthair cats can grow up to 10kg, and Mr Bear is around 6kg. He still looks teeny to me, but then when I see other cats I realise just how chunky he is. The big, cuddly, ball of fluff. As you read this I’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic – I land this afternoon. HELLO JETLAG. So this is a lazy post, scheduled in advance. It replaces the Sunday Tittle Tattlebut I’m sure I’ll have lots to tell you next week. Lots!

If you want to read more Mr Bear posts then click here – if you have absolutely no interest in cats, looking fat or otherwise, my apologies. Normal service resumes tomorrow!


  1. He’s so adorable! How old is he?

  2. did you name your cat after the mr. bear from the childrens book The Lonely Doll?

  3. i have a blue british shorthair and he is a little fatty too. he’s 3 and around 6.5kg. i love him to death. his fur feels like a koala (i’m in australia). and i sometimes mistake him for my grey ugg boots. haha

    really enjoy your blog.

    more recipes and food inspiration please! and a contouring makeup video would be great.

  4. You should check out maru on mugumogu’s youtube channel.

  5. it looks like you swallowed the dog Mr Bear but don’t worry we all have fat days :)

  6. Kirsty Calderon

    What a beautiful cat ruth, my son loves him , he thinks he is as cute as cruikshanks in harry potter movie

  7. too many easter eggs, he he he, I personally love round cats!

  8. I have a British shorthair and she sits like this too, she’s also really chunky and is always wanting good, heavy little piglet :) x

  9. OHHHHHHHHHH sweetness!!!!

  10. He is simply adorable! You should do more posts about Mr.Bear, I like the way you write about him, Ruth!

  11. Lol what a cute chubster

  12. Haha, oh my he’s so cute! And the bigger the better I say!

  13. Definitely not his best angle, but I love him anyways ;) Hope the jet lag subsides soon! xo

  14. Oh my God, Ruth… your Mr Bear is irresistible!!!
    He is so cute and isn’t fat.. it’s all fur and love!! ^-^

    Happy Easter

  15. My cat was also 6kg before he got ill and I tought it was ok, untill I saw other, slimmer cats. I loved all the fluffiness and the softness.

  16. Elizabeth Maiorana

    I want to “razzberry” him!! He is far better than any bunny, I tell you. Thank you Ruth for this wonderful post of darling Mr Bear. xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

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  18. If cats could de-tag… So cute! I always find this angle amusing when photographing my own 6kg furball!

  19. Oh bless him… But his little face! *resumes normal tone of voice* Don’t mind me x

  20. Hi Ruth, I want to ask an irrelevant question… Is it a rule that in an ingredient list, the ones listed firstly are always those that take up the most of the product? Like if it says greentea,oil,preservative then green tea takes up the largest proportion of the product,then oil then preservatives? Thanks very much xoxo,

  21. I do the same – think other cats look so skinny compared to my more rotund one, even though they’re a normal size. It doesn’t help that she’s clearly had kittens in the past so her tummy hangs down. But she’s at least 17 years old so at that age it’s a good sign that she’s not having trouble holding onto weight/looking frail. When she was ill and not eating a couple of years ago the vet said it was a good thing to have the extra reserves!

  22. Oh he’s so buttery and delicious!

  23. Ha ha he looks so content though. Pushka weighs 8.5kg but carries it well. Enjoy your trip!

  24. Amber @

    I have a 10 kilo black cat that was once a slim stray black cat. His name is Oliver (cf Oliver Twist) and I like to think he’s pleasantly plump. Pretty heavy when he wants to sleep on top of me, though. I think your ginger man is gorgeous. I’m Austalian. Is Oliver an Australian short-hair fatso or what?