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Do I Look Fat Like This?

cat looking fat

Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist. Poor old Mr Bear. It really is the angle, you know. He’s not actually overweight! Apparently British Shorthair cats can grow up to 10kg, and Mr Bear is around 6kg. He still looks teeny to me, but then when I see other cats I realise just how chunky he is. The big, cuddly, ball of fluff. As you read this I’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic – I land this afternoon. HELLO JETLAG. So this is a lazy post, scheduled in advance. It replaces the Sunday Tittle Tattle, but I’m sure I’ll have lots to tell you next week. Lots!

If you want to read more Mr Bear posts then click here – if you have absolutely no interest in cats, looking fat or otherwise, my apologies. Normal service resumes tomorrow!


  1. He’s so adorable! How old is he?


  2. did you name your cat after the mr. bear from the childrens book The Lonely Doll?

  3. i have a blue british shorthair and he is a little fatty too. he’s 3 and around 6.5kg. i love him to death. his fur feels like a koala (i’m in australia). and i sometimes mistake him for my grey ugg boots. haha

    really enjoy your blog.

    more recipes and food inspiration please! and a contouring makeup video would be great.

  4. You should check out maru on mugumogu’s youtube channel.

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