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Pacifica’s Roll-On Fig

pacifica roller ball perfumes review

I was very pleasantly surprised by these roller-ball perfumes from Pacifica. Not a brand that I had ever heard of before, but when I posted an Instagram of the Mediterranean Fig scent there were quite a few people who knew of it and wore it. It’s a very “clean” fig, if that makes any sense – there’s something going on behind the scenes that’s just a little different to most fig scents that I own. There’s also something a little boho or hippyish about it – it smells like a lot of my parents friends used to when I was very little. Sandalwood, perhaps? (Yes, I’m aware that I’ve just made a sweeping generalisation about my parents’ entire social group. It’s fine: they were all hippies. What a great word hippy is – very underused!)

pacifica fig roll-on perfume

Has anyone else tried the Pacifica roll-on fragrances? How do they compare to the sprays? I can find very, very few online stockists, though FeelUnique.com stock a brand called Himalaya Pacifica which I think might be the same – they seem to have a few of the same fragrances and sets. No roll-ons though! I’ve found the delightful little figgy one on Amazon: Pacifica Perfumes Mediterranean Fig Fragrance Roll-On Perfume

If you want to have a look at some of my other Fig-Scented-Things reviews then click here – and please, if you know of stockists for the above, can you add them in the comments for me? Thanks!


  1. I tried one of these at wholefoods a couple of weeks ago and regretted not buying it, it wasn’t the fig scent but it was lovely, I think they are perfect for summer :)

  2. Love Pacifica. I don’t have any roll ons but have a few solid perfume versions. They are great for summer, scents are delicious. I really like the Tahitian gardenia, Hawaiian guava and Sicilian blood orange. I got mine from wholefoods in high street ken. Also “as nature intended” stores stock some Pacifica

  3. I’ve come across the solid versions of these before but not seen the roll on.

  4. Hey, question about your hair – how did you go from very blonde to having such a natural looking blonde? did you get loads of lowlights or an all over darker tone? any hairdresser I speak to is clueless! Love your blog and your videos, just discovered them a week ago and I’m so glad I have!

  5. I love these scents! The Tahitian gardenia is my favorite. I’m not sure about online stocks, but I know they can be found in Wholefoods stateside!

  6. Hi Ruth. Pacifica’s Spanish Amber has been one of my favorite scents for years. Pacifica’s products are very high quality and very reasonably priced. As for spray versus roll-on I have used both and don’t really notice any difference in the scent so I buy the spray for home and roll-ons for my purse. I hope you get a chance to try a few of the other scents and enjoy them as much as I have.

  7. Hi Ruth! Im pretty sure that planet organic has this, well they definitely have the spray anyway! xxx

  8. I’m old enough to be your mother and I think the hippie fragrance you were referring to might be patchouli. I still love it if it’s used with subtlety.

  9. I just ordered from pacificaperfume dot com. They have 1oz sample tins of solid perfume for $2.00 each in all of their fragrances. Even discounted shipping of $2.95 so I ordered a bunch to try.

  10. The Pacifica lemon blossom body lotion is my favorite and the solid perfumes are nice. They sell it at Whole Foods in the US. I don’t suppose they carry it at the WF in the UK, but it might be worth a look.

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