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Pacifica’s Roll-On Fig

pacifica roller ball perfumes review

I was very pleasantly surprised by these roller-ball perfumes from Pacifica. Not a brand that I had ever heard of before, but when I posted an Instagram of the Mediterranean Fig scent there were quite a few people who knew of it and wore it. It’s a very “clean” fig, if that makes any sense – there’s something going on behind the scenes that’s just a little different to most fig scents that I own. There’s also something a little boho or hippyish about it – it smells like a lot of my parents friends used to when I was very little. Sandalwood, perhaps? (Yes, I’m aware that I’ve just made a sweeping generalisation about my parents’ entire social group. It’s fine: they were all hippies. What a great word hippy is – very underused!)

pacifica fig roll-on perfume

Has anyone else tried the Pacifica roll-on fragrances? How do they compare to the sprays? I can find very, very few online stockists, though FeelUnique.com stock a brand called Himalaya Pacifica which I think might be the same – they seem to have a few of the same fragrances and sets. No roll-ons though! I’ve found the delightful little figgy one on Amazon: Pacifica Perfumes Mediterranean Fig Fragrance Roll-On Perfume

If you want to have a look at some of my other Fig-Scented-Things reviews then click here – and please, if you know of stockists for the above, can you add them in the comments for me? Thanks!


  1. Hi Ruth, I know it is a little bit random but this was the latest fragrance post that’s why I am writing here.. I have been looking for a signature scent for my entire life and recently I met Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia!!! It was love at first sight!! Just wanted to ask your opinion about it

  2. I could be wrong, but I think they may be more common in the US. Tons of boutiques around my area (in the midwest no less) stock them. Even Target stocks a few scents. My favorite is Persian Rose – I usually hate Rose scents, but the Pacifica scent is just different enough. Anyway, love your blog. Especially your style of writing – it’s so refreshing on a beauty site!

  3. You can buy these at the larger branches of Tesco’s!!! They stock Clarins, Naio etc but stock these roll-on perfumes, candles, soaps and sprays as well as solid perfumes.

  4. Whole foods!!

  5. ahh I looove Aqua di Parma’s Fico di amalfi, but unfortunately the lasting power is terrible on me :( i’ll have to try this!!

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