A’Kin Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner In One

A'Kin Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner Review

This cleanser is utterly gorgeous. I bought it whilst trawling the internet for sensitive skin products that I could use after beauty shoots (my skin tends to get very sore) and it was an instant hit. I usually use Pai’s cleanser (excellent, see here) when my skin’s feeling fragile but it’s good to be able to write about a variety of brands and price-ranges, I think. Choice is a beautiful thing!

 The A’kin Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner in One jumped out at me because it claimed to be for normal, dry and sensitive skin yet the “finish” was “fresh, dewy skin”. So a cleanser, in effect, that’s comfortable on skin that’s perhaps a little tight or dry but that doesn’t leave any kind of waxy film or greasy residue. And this cleanser does exactly what it says on the bottle: it’s sumptuously creamy and a joy to use yet it rinses completely clean. I think that pretty much any skin type would get on with this – I can get quite oily in the T-Zone but it seems to leave my skin very well balanced. 

I’m tempted to ignore the “toner” part of the description – I rinse it off and so I can’t imagine there’s much toning going on! But I suppose if you were tissuing it off you might have a different experience… I think it’s a brilliant rinse-off and so that’s how I use it but do let me know if you have this and use it as a cleansing lotion instead…

I’m not overly familiar with A’kin as a brand but I shall most definitely be popping a few more bits on my list after this success – let me know if you have any suggestions!

A’kin’s Cleanser costs £18 for a large bottle (225ml) with free delivery from LookFantastic.com

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  1. I use eve Lom in the evening (although soon to try Emma Hardie on your recommendation!). My skin craves something refreshing in the shower in the morning but my red, dry, flaky cheeks (and oily t-zone…so unfair) were not liking my sanctuary foaming face wash. You are my skincare guru (thank you for liquid gold, clarins concealer, hourglass ambient powders, dr hauschka, everything rose-scented etc etc) so have just ordered this as a wash-off morning cleanser. Hello dewy skin!! Also, am hoping it will streamline my travel wash bag as perhaps it could be eveLom-esque with a muslin???? :) LOVE your blog. :)

  2. Pleased you liked it :) i was anxious to hear your verdict on this one as i have been using it for ages

  3. Sounds interesting! I’ve only tried one A’kin product and it was the

    A’Kin Kaolin Clay & Activated Carbon Express Purifying Facial Masque and I really like it so I would recommend it!

  4. Regina Fellangi

    A’Kin is a gorgeous Australian brand. Try more of the range, you’ll be addicted

  5. Sounds amazing Ruth! I’ll have to try this one in future x

  6. This sounds so luxurious! If only it was for oily skin too haha

  7. this cleanser is amazing with the Clarisonic, a little goes a long way
    and man does it last! I’ve had man .. for AGES and its still not finished lol.
    It smells a lot like the Pai cleanser too (both are rose and germanium I think)

  8. KiKo has a cleanser/toner which I just bought. Sounds a lot like this one for only 5.90€. Works beautifully with my Clarisonic too!

  9. mmmm… interesting, so you don´t use the muslin cloth with this product, do you? just rinse it off

  10. Ooh thanks for the review Ruth. This brands readily available in Australia so I’ll definitely be giving it a go. Just curious did you use it like the Pai, apply and then rinse off with a muslin cloth, or is that not necessary?

    Cheers. Love your advice!

  11. I have just finished the whole bottle. It’s a great product! I used it as a cleansing lotion and my skin loved it.

  12. This looks lovely, I was going to try it out but its sold out x

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