Bourjois Cream Blush Review

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This is the second incredibly affordable makeup item I’ve posted this week – there must be something wrong with me! Perhaps it’s because I’m in full-throttle student mode, sat writing essay notes and eating weird snacks from the kitchen cupboard. It must be bringing back memories! Mind you, I didn’t really do either of those things as a student – I just used to buy loads of things on my storecards (how did they ever let students have storecards?) and drink cheap wine in the student bar.

Anyway. The Bourjois Cream Blush. A very definite thing of beauty. Tiny but ever so functional, it’s really one of those things that everyone should have in their makeup bag. It doesn’t weigh anything, it takes up hardly any room, yet a quick little swipe of this blush can perk up a tired, dull face in a matter of seconds. Apply with fingertips or, if you’ve just finished your foundation, have a go at buffing in some blush using the same brush or sponge for an airbrushed finish.

This blush blends out seamlessly and it’s so light that one little application just gives the prettiest wash of colour. Build it up and you can create a more intense look, but I think that it’s best as a pale flush to the skin. I can’t get enough of shade 1, Nude Velvet, and I’ve used it to finish off almost every recent makeup look, daytime or evening. It adds a bit of “lift” to a bronzed daytime look, or if you prefer a fresher, younger look then it’s great on its own, sans bronzer.

Overall, a splendid addition to the summer cosmetics collection. Four shades, £6.99 each, you can find them online at


  1. One of these is on my to-buy list. The packaging looks great for a budget product. x

  2. Gosh, I’m dying to try these! The texture sounds heavenly and so perfect for summer! xo

  3. These look and sound like the new Chanel creme blushes that are part of their fall collection. Alas, can’t get Bourjois here in the states. Wish Ulta or Sephora would start carrying them. I think Ulta used to. Ruth, please do a comparison review when the Chanel creme blushes come out!

  4. This looks great! How do you find it compares to some higher end brands in terms of quality and staying power?

  5. I love these so much! The powder finish is perfect for my oily skin.

  6. Definitely keen to pick this up on my next Boots raid..! x

  7. Denise Gvardian

    Did you guys know that Bourjois is owned by you’re pretty much getting Chanel quality without the fancy packaging and high prices!!! Love this line!

  8. I have heard so much about these blushes! I am trying hard to stop spending but don’t think my resolve will last much longer x

  9. I’ve seen so many gurus talking wonders about these blushes! They are still to arrive here…I believe I’ll have to ask my mother to send them. They look really nice :3

  10. I very much like cream blushes, a shame it´s not for sale in Spain yet… :-(

  11. I really didn’t like this blush at first (I have 02) but I’ve been working with it and I find, if I apply a little with the fingertips and then blend in with a blush I get a lovely peachy glow.

  12. Looks really nice! I love a good cream blush. It leaves the skin so pretty and healthy looking!


  13. das finde ich echt cool

  14. I spotted this on Saturday and almost bought, think I will now, I love cream blush for summer.

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