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Glitter Choos!

Jimmy Choo Glitter Pumps

Childish, I know, but when I wear my Jimmy Choo Glitter Pumps I just can’t stop wiggling my feet about to make them sparkle! These pumps were a bit of an impulse buy, but oh, so joyous! As I walk along the glitter pieces reflect these random rays of light – I’m sure I’ve almost blinded a few people. It’s like having a laser-beam mission control on my feet.

Comfort-wise, these are very nice shoes. You’d hope so, because they’re not cheap, but I never assume that an expensive pair of shoes will be comfortable. My wedding shoes (Louboutins) had to come off after approximately ninety minutes and I spent the rest of the day in my flip-flops! (Long gown, feet hidden, no harm done.) Anyway, these are comfy – they’re also very sturdy and have the best non-slip soles ever. You could traverse the arctic in them. Possibly.

I’ve been wearing my Glitter Choos with jeans, mainly, because I like the contrast between the denim and the sheer glitziness of the footwear, but they’d look equally great with a little dress. As a general rule, I’d say the more glam the footwear, the more casual the outfit should be, for daytime at least. I can’t stand being overdressed during daylight hours, but I can cope with some sparkle on my toes, it makes me feel very…Disney.

I can’t find the exact style of my pumps online, but for an equally glitzy shoe take a look at the Jimmy Choo “Walsh” pump here: www.jimmychoo.com

**UPDATE: since scheduling this post, Jimmy Choo have gone into sale. The Walsh pumps are £186 instead of £265. Just an “FYI” in case you happen to have been tempted! All of the sale items are here.


  1. Ruth, you are a magpie like me!! I have the Choo iPad case too.
    Now, a question for you and anyone else out there with a solution – how do you stop the glitter falling off? Every dropped sequin breaks my heart!
    I had thought of nail varnish but that cracks and turns yellow eventually.
    Next idea was a flexible spray varnish… But I’d like to hear back from someone before I attack my precious bling :)

  2. Love these shoes! They are the ultimate feminine shoes and would certainly add glitz to any outfit.

  3. I don´t know which part made me laugh more, the laser-beam or the Disney one LOL
    NO CHRIS! No more temptations!

  4. I love those sparkly Choos, and I find that you can really make a statement with footwear without looking like you are trying too hard. So go on, wiggle away ;-). I must confess to being an avid Chanel ballerina flats devotee. Those are blooming brilliant. Super comfortable and eternally chic. Do give them a try. X

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