Shopping: Extra 40% off at The Outnet

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outnet haul

Insatiable shopper that I am, I just managed to buy a Stella McCartney dress and a sweet little cardigan before I even ate breakfast. For this is what happens when you have important things to do – you’ll do anything to distract yourself. For those wondering whether or not I have a bottomless clothing fund: I don’t. It’s just that I detail every minute purchase that I ever make and so it just seems as though I’m always shopping. (I swear I’m not!)

Which brings me to The Outnet and their Friday shopping emails. I really should just unsubscribe from them, but I can’t. It would be like cutting some kind of sartorial umbilical cord. This week sees us tempted with an extra 40% off on selected items (of which there are many) including some rather amazing chunky jewellery. I restricted myself to two items – the Stella dress in the little montage pic and then a cute little stripy cardy for £34 – but was sorely tempted by a mushroom-coloured Herve Leger dress which, with the extra 40% off, was something like £250. I die. (There were a few left in size medium – I wear a small or a medium, depending on fit.)

If you want to browse the edit then it’s here: The Outnet Extra 40% Off Page

herve leger bikini sale

PS: was really, really tempted by this bikini but then read that it was “not suitable for swimming”. HUH? That’s like an umbrella that you can’t take in the rain!

5 Responses to "Shopping: Extra 40% off at The Outnet"
  1. mllewanderlust says:

    LOL about your comment on the bikini…and glad to hear that you do use the bikini what it’s made for too: swimming, not merely posing

  2. Gabriela says:

    Love the dress!

  3. Peachylau says:

    hahaha not suitable for swimming! Check my post on an ASOS bikini that really has the WRONG print. x

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