The New Balm in Town: Merumaya

face cleanser review

face cleanser review

Instant love for this gorgeous cleansing balm from Merumaya. Not a brand that I’ve heard much about, but I’ll definitely be having a go with a few of their other products. The cleansing balm is rich and silky and great for massaging in to the skin, but it turns milky when you add water and it rinses off clean. I think that this one would be OK for just about every type of skin, including oily. It removes makeup very well and doesn’t leave any greasiness to the skin – I have found with some cleansing balms (Organic Pharmacy, Antipodes, Boots Botanics) that there’s an almost waxy finish. It doesn’t sit well on my skin at all, that waxiness! I like a clean rinse and the Merumaya Cleansing Balm does just that.

Big bonus point for the fact that this is packaged in a tube – for seasoned travellers such as myself this is a total coup. Lightweight packaging and an all-in-one makeup remover, top marks! You can use with washcloth or without, the choice is yours – though I do think that you get a better cleanse with a cloth. If you’re a fan of the Emma Hardie cleansing balm then you’ll already have a little routine going – you can use the Merumaya in exactly the same way. The sweet almond and Echium oils melt on the skin to lift away the makeup and dirt – if you usually double-cleanse, then do so with this one too. It’s not quite as luxe and sensorially pleasing as the EH balm, but it definitely works as hard. And it’s only £15 as opposed to £34! Hurrah.

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Ruth CrillyThe New Balm in Town: Merumaya

16 Comments on “The New Balm in Town: Merumaya”

  1. Cris Rajic

    Hi Ruth! Please, let me know if you can remove eye make-up with it, I have got sensitive eyes. Thanks!

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  3. Andrea @Skin Bistro

    Very interesting review and comment regarding the ‘waxy’ feeling of balms – I love balms for deep cleansing, but suffering from very oily skin, I have to choose cleansing balms very carefully.

    Having checked the ingredients on this ‘balm’, I realised that it’s actually a ‘lotion’ as it contains water and an emulsifier. That’s probably why it washes off without leaving ‘the’ greasy residue.

    One thing you don’t mention – what does it smell like? ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rachel Neill

    I love cleansing balms & oils that you add a bit of water to. I have a huge pot of Eve Lom that I want to use up as it just is too heavy on my very oily skin. I only use these sort of products at night and a cleansing wash in the morning for a super clean base before make-up, though oil break through about an hour later still happens :(

  5. PrettySkinReview

    Really like the ingredients on this product. First off the glycols. They used the safer of the glycols, not that junk “propylene’ glycol which is found in antifreeze. Also the use of mangosteen extract stuns me since its rare to find this fruit in skincare. Kudos to them (and I think they have a fair amount in their product)
    Just curious how this is tolerated in very oily skin since it does contain fair amount of oils but it might just the right amount….hmmm

  6. Melissa B

    Just bought this last week. It is perfect for my oily skin and getting all that spf/makeup off. How often do you use balms to cleanse, Ruth?

  7. Sophia Ford

    This is definitely going to go on my wish list. At the moment I am using up my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (liked it, but wasn’t a massive fan – prefer the Le Belle cleansers) and I am using the Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse which I just find wonderful for my skin. This may be the cleansing balm I try next! Such a great price too, thanks for sharing Ruth xo

  8. Phil

    In a tube! I love balms buts the jar packaging is bothering me more & more.. travelling purposes and just nastiness from dirty fingers dipping into them after a while. 15 pounds wont break the bank either :)

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