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Imedeen Hair and Nails Review

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I don’t know whether to thank Imedeen or cry. For the first four weeks that I took their Hair & Nails supplement absolutely nothing happened at all, but since then I have slowly been turning into Wolverine. Hairs have been sprouting from places previously hairless and my nails are so strong that I could probably use them to whittle small trinkets from pieces of driftwood. I’ve had to start trimming errant brow and nasal hairs lest they suddenly spring out from my face mid-conversation, and I now have to shave my legs more than once a fortnight. Ladies and Gentleman: I have hair!

I had hair before, obviously, but I have to say that I have noticed a significant increase in glossiness post-Imedeen and my scalp has felt less tight and itchy. Is that even a possible effect? I have no idea! I’m going to start attributing all of my positive things to Imedeen, including, when it’s finished, my dissertation. I’ll pop it down in the bibliography!

The key nutrients in this supplement seem to be Biotin, Zinc and B Vitamins and then (by far the largest amount) silica from something called Horsetail extract. Not something I know a whole load about, I’m afraid, but a bit of Googling reveals that silica can indeed help with brittle nails, amongst other things.

Anyway, I’m almost out so I’m about to order more – these were a press sample, and I had no idea how much they cost until a minute ago. They are £24.99 at Boots (for a two month supply) but Imedeen themselves seem to sell them on Amazon for £19.60. Curious, but check here if you want to research for yourselves: Imedeen Hair & Nails

I’m always wary of offering up some kind of “miracle cure” for things like weak nails and thin hair, but if you do suffer from very brittle or flaky nails, or you feel that your hair is lacklustre and dry, then I think that it’s always a good idea to look at what’s going on inside your body as well as trying to fix things topically. I’m big on “eating for beauty” and I do think that certain supplements can make a difference. So if you try these for a few months, do let me now how you get on.


  1. Well its me again…. Now 18 months later.
    I dont see any improvment in my nails. the only hair that has sprouted out is a fine hair on my cheeks as in my last post. I dont see any difference in my head hair, its defo no thicker. I have more hair on my eyebrows but it thins out in tthe middle and ends of my eyebrows. My skin is very good but I have looked after my skin all of my adult life. People do say Ihave great skin and I wouldnt know if its now the imedeen working at my ae or just plain looking after my skin. I will keep on taking imedeen as I hope its doing some good, I would hate to stop taking it and end up with a change in my skin condition. Better safe than sorry I say.

  2. Im a fair haired lady 66 yrs old and have had weak nails all of my life. I went on to imedeen hair and nails and after three months don’t see a change in my nails I now have loads of hair on my cheeks / face and chin. I cant believe it. Even my eye brows that were over plucked for more than 50 years and had to have eye brow tats now have hair.
    Yuk… Ive even got nose hair. I sound like a right werewolf, my saving grace – I have very fair hair.
    Im not sure if I want to continue on imedeen as it was for nail strength and havent seen any yet.

  3. hey ruth, I was just wondering if you are still taking these and if you still recommend buying them. I am currently using the phyto equivalents but these are cheaper, I have really brittle nails but super thick hair so I hope I dont become like a warewolf haha

  4. Alexander Pierce

    how about BIOCOREX ?

  5. Janine Wanderlust

    LOL about your hairzilla turnaround point…I basically would compromise on this and give the defuzzers an extra round for the bliss of finally having naturally strong nails and my full hair to be returned…so thank you for reviewing this :)

  6. Somebody just recommended HORSE TAIL tee to me. I can’t get Imedeen here but I will try the tea.

  7. Hey, have you tried the Viviscal supplements If you have how would you compare them with Imedeen? I have tried the Viviscal ones and didn’t really notice a difference with my nails…but with my hair it was definitely a major improvement…And I also got hair in awkward places haha!

  8. I started taking 3 fish oil tablets in the morning and it had the same effect -my nails finally grew long and were super strong -I used to bite my nails for years as a child/teenager and they were so brittle and peeling- but now they look great!

  9. The first two paragraphs made me roar laughing. Thanks so much – as I prefer dormant nasal hair I’m pretty sure Imedeen isn’t for me. Oh, still laughing…

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