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Re-Purchase: Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser

talika eye makeup remover review

I finally ran out of my Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser and immediately felt the need to replace it with a new one. Always a good sign when someone has (literally) two boxes filled with cleansers that need to be tested! I bought the first bottle a couple of years ago when I had lash extensions done – it was oil-free and gentle and just what I needed to remove any makeup from around the lids and undereye without affecting the lash glue. I continued using it way after the extensions had all fallen out – it’s a nice one for after beauty shoots because it’s so soothing on the eye area.

I lost the first bottle for quite a while, which is the only reason it’s taken so long to use it up – I would have replaced it sooner but I just knew it was in the house somewhere! (Behind the chest of drawers.) Anyway, it’s a nice product to look out for – very gently scented by the rosewater in the formula, it removes all eye makeup apart from waterproof formulas. But let’s face it; what can get these waterproof mascaras off? That’s why I refuse to even test them – you need some kind of wallpaper steamer to even begin to loosen them off!

Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser is £15 with free delivery from FeelUnique.com here. (Another gentle option: Klorane’s Cornflower Eye Makeup Remover, or for a bit more bi-phase power, Lancome’s Bi-Facil.)

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  1. It sounds amazing and it’s cheaper than the Lancome one which I love!

  2. how is it compare to Pai cleanser? (Tho the cleanser itself is amazing, I find the Pai cleansing cloth abrasive…is it just me?) Thanks!

    • You can ditch the cloth for a regular flannel, softer and less harsh. Can’t really compare this eye makeup remover to the Pai cleanser as they are totally different products for different purposes – you wouldn’t use the Talika to cleanse your whole face or with a cloth. In terms of cleansing effectiveness for the lashes, though, I’d say that a dedicated eye makeup remover will usually have more power than an “overall” face cleanser – this has been formulated with eye makeup in mind, taking into account mascara and lashes, whereas a face cleanser will be usually gentler and creamier for the large areas of skin! It’s always handy to have a dedicated lash-cleansing product, I think… If it’s just very light eye makeup, though, the Pai will do a splendid job!
      Phew. That was long winded. Sorry. x

  3. I LOVE this, it is one of my favourite beauty products ever, I am sure that my lashes grow longer when I use it too, which is a nice bonus! x

  4. I’ve tried one of the Talika “paper” masks and loved it. Look forward to trying this eye cleanser as well.
    I, too, would like to know how it compares to the Pai. If this makes your lashes grow in thicker, faster or even last longer, I really need it since my hypothyroidism is doing a number on my brows and lashes (and hair as well, of course). Thanks, Ruth!

    • See below, Upa! I don’t know whether it has made my lashes thicker, but it IS very kind to them and does a great job of getting mascara off… x

  5. You should try the Bliss eye makeup remover gel. No greasy feeling and so gentle on your skin. I love it.

  6. The body shop camomile waterproof eye make-up remover is pretty good actually. If you haven’t tried it before please do. It’s removes stubborn eye make up quite easily.

  7. Rebecca McMahon Makeup

    I *love* Talika! We often use it in the Look Good Feel Better workshops and my clients that have eyelash extensions all swear by it.

  8. For waterproof eye makeup, the RMK eye makeup remover is fantastic. The liquid is separated into a water-based solution and an oil-based solution, and you shake to mix before using it. Not too oily (so it doesn’t clog the skin around the eye area), yet still effectively removes everything.

  9. I agree!!! i have never tried waterproof mascara for just theat reason!!!

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