NEW Advanced Night Repair: Sleep in a Bottle – and it takes the Rubbish Out!

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Estée Lauder’s bestselling product, the Advanced Night Repair serum, has just had one serious upgrade. Some would say it’s a risky business tinkering about with a formula that sells one bottle every 8.5 seconds, I’d say it’s simply keeping up with the times. Beauty products have never been so advanced, so active, so capable of producing visible results – brands can’t afford to rest on their laurels these days. It makes perfect sense to update formulas and make sure that hero products showcase the latest in research and technology…

So what’s in the Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex version two? Well, if you’re a fan of the original (and I know that loads of you are) then you can rest easy, because nothing has been taken away whatsoever. It’s still the all-rounder serum you know and love – instantly hydrating and helping to brighten and clarify the skin in the longer term. It’s light, non-greasy and slips easily into any beauty routine – not difficult to see why it has always been such a favourite.

The new Synchronised Recovery Complex II, however, takes the serum onto a whole new level. The previous incarnation was very focused on repair; the new super-serum aims to repair and to purify. The original ANR contained a comprehensive cocktail of antioxidants that helped to fix the damage done to the skin during the day – think pollution, UV rays. (It also contained a whole whackload of hyaluronic acid for an instant moisture hit, so it plumped out the skin and reversed superficial lines caused by dehydration. All very good – and, I might add, very effective.) But the new serum, numero deux, adds something else into the mix: this “purify” business – or, to give it the proper Lauder name, Catabolysis Technology. Now the term Catabolysis does worry me slightly, I have to admit, because I instantly think of the state that the body goes into when it’s trying not to starve to death – not the most glamorous or desirable of associations! But in this case, we’re talking about the skin and the metabolism of cells – how fast the skin can renew itself and chuck out, for want of a better word, the crap.

So, in a nutshell, this new serum not only delivers a welcome shot of hyaluronic (helps the skin to hang onto its water) and a big dose of antioxidants (helps to repair and protect against what I think of as “daily wear and tear”), it also helps to break down what’s not needed, which is where the “purify” element begins to make sense. I hope. If only there was a serum for my poor, shrivelled, dissertation-addled brain! I’m sure I’d be able to thread my words together far more effectively…

And so: let’s skip to my testing. I’ve done a month with the new formula, almost nightly, and I do think that the serum has an extra bit of  “oomph” over the previous version. It’s slightly lighter in texture, silkier perhaps, and there’s no tackiness after application. Results also seem faster in coming – after just two weeks I felt that my skin was more supple and had a brightness that was lacking beforehand. The best way of explaining the results, because I have nothing very quantitive to measure, is to say that (cliché alert!) I look as though I’ve had good, restful sleep. Not fitful, hot, waking-up-every-hour kind of sleep. Can’t say better than that, really.

Advanced Night Repair II launches nationwide on Monday 29th July and replaces the older formula. It costs £48 for 30ml and I’d say, judging by the amount I’ve used in a month, that a bottle would last for three or four months.You can get it here.


  1. Do you have to put cream on top of the Serum to “lock it in”? My skin is becoming slightly oily and I’m getting these white little “spots” so not to keen on putting too much stuff on my skin at night. But thought a bit of serum would be good.

  2. Ive been using ANR more than a month and I did not feel any difference or any change.It just peel off the first layer of skin leaving it more sensitive.

  3. I’ve been using this product for more than a week now and my face been breaking out since the first time I applied ANR on my face. I have a sensitive skin type but before I used ANR, there was no pimple on my skin but I have lots of acne scars on my cheeks and the reason why I bought ANR was because I thought it would fade my acne scars (I read reviews from other sites that it fades acne scars) and I don’t know if ANR version 2 works the same like ANR the first one. my face is horrible now with large pimples growing on my face. so I stopped using ANR for the moment and changed to another product. I’m very dissapointed with ANR because I really hoped that this was the only and last solution to fade my acne scars.

  4. kan ni hjälpa mig???
    jag har acne ärr och hörde att denna serum är bäst för acne ärr.. men är fortfarande osäker om jag köper den eller inte… vad säger ni då?

  5. richbitchhasarrived

    It’s missing retinyl palmitate, as well as some other ingredients. :(

  6. I bought ANR online, and it smells like a liquid soap. I think it might be a fake, or a very old bottle. Do you know if the ANR ever liquid soap scent in the past, it is quite strong. Thank you.

  7. I’m 23 – am I too young to be using a product like this?

    • I don’t think you’re ever too young to start taking care of your skin! Id think it’s better to start using these serums before you have wrinkles as they’ll help prevent it, whereas once you get wrinkles it seems almost impossible to get rid of them. I’m 18 and I’m looking at the review for this because I’m considering purchasing it and have heard really good things about it.

  8. hi ruth can you please tell me how the Guerlain super aqua serum is …preety pleaseeeeeee

  9. Hi, I heard a few people say that you are not supposed to use the night repair anywhere near your eye’s as its bad for you and to only use specific under eye cream or the advanced night repair eye cream etc. Does anyone know why it’s not good to use this around your eye area and what damage it can cause?

  10. Just got this after having tried out a sample, and I absolutely love it! It really makes my skin feel and look ridiculously smooth and healthy, and I think it is well worth the highish price tag. However, this recent addition also means that I am now using 7 to 8 products during my nightly skincare routine (Sephora eye makeup remover, Shiseido extra gentle cleansing foam, Clarins exfoliating toner, Caudalie beauty elixir, ANR serum, Stri Vectin SD eye cream, Ole Henriksen Express the truth moisturizer and a Dermalogica blemish treatment when needed) which is perhaps a bit worrying… Sorry about the long list, but I can strongly recommend all of these products. They seem to be the perfect night combo. Anyway, whatever works, right?
    Thank you for the perfect blog. X

  11. Today I buy this serum, in my country the cost is more than twice that is in UK. but I really like the old formula so I hope the new one will be better. thanks for the review

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