Sunday Tittle Tattle

sunday tittle tattle ruth crilly

1) Hurrah. This is the last Sunday Tittle Tattle that will ever be affected by essays, MA research, anything involving copious amounts of reading or editing… The dissertation and 15,000 words of polished-up fiction is nearly complete. D-Day is Wednesday. Everything is backed up on my little USB stick (above) and guarded by a plastic two-headed blue dragon. I’m covered in stress-hives and I’ve ground my teeth down to stumps, but I am getting there! Stay with me.

cat face clean

2) Short Tittle Tattle today, for obvious reasons – I leave you with the news that Mr Bear has been secretly eating elastic bands. I’m not sure whether there’s a medical name for this particular condition, but I must say that after vomiting three times he didn’t half BOUNCE BACK QUICKLY! Get it? Bounce back! Never mind… Here he is (above) having his little sicky face cleaned up by Mr AMR. What a chubby popsicle!


  1. Our cat (Harvey – no longer with us) used to eat the Lametta off the xmas tree – we always had to leave the lower branches empty! Totally love this picture of Mr Bear – such a cutie! x

  2. My Cat usually just plays with them, she never eats them!
    I wish you all the luck with you dissertation and I hope that Mr.Bear gets better.
    Please Take care, have a nice day!*

  3. We keep elastic bands well out of the way now as our previous cat had a total obsession with them – he would literally sniff them out, I think the smell is attractive to cats. It caused some stomach problems and the vet warned that it was potentially serious. Please take care! Mega-congrats on finishing the double-headed dragon dissertation.

    • I shall be hiding them all from now on! x

      • Yes, my old cat Lucky would go to town on them too, I think rubber bands must omit a smell or it could be the way they move randomly when toyed with is attractive to cats. The amount of times she’d suddenly go for them and start chewing, I’d have to really wrestle her to get it away from her! That’s brought back memories. Crazy cat.

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    • Thank you Christine! I’m almost there – can see the light at the end of the tunnel… Please get in touch with @teamgleam on Twitter and they’ll give you their address! x

  5. Good luck on Wednesday!
    Poor Mr. Bear, he is quite a good furr baby to sit still like that. I hope he is mending soon.

  6. An appetite for non-food items is called pica. Perhaps you could try giving him a chewy toy? Congrats on your impending unshackling!!

  7. You do make me laugh! Thank you because I was feeling a little bit down until I read this :-)

  8. My dog swallowed an elastic band once. And then couldn’t quite ‘squeeze’ it out the other end, so it was sort of ‘dangling’. Poor old dog kept trying to grab it with its teeth and pull it out, but she couldn’t quite hold the grip so it would snap out of her jaws and whip her bottom. Eventually my dad had to put the rubber gloves on and tug it out.
    The things we do for our pets.

    • UGH! Hahaha!!

    • Wow! That sound’s like my dad when my dog climbed onto our table and ate a KING SIZE Snickers bar–wrapper and all! We let her out the next morning and she came back inside with a wrapper sticking out of her bum! Hahaha!

  9. Poor Mr. Bear, he looks so defenceless in the picture..cute, cute!! Good luck on Wednesday!

  10. Where on earth is the furball getting the elastic bands from? Glad to hear the Road to Perdition, I mean Dissertation, is coming to an end.

  11. Talisa Lauren Tossell

    SILLY mr.bear! He looks sooooooooo adorable in that last photo!

  12. You are so close now! Good luck with finishing off your project, I’m sure it will be a great feeling when it is all completed, you’ve obviously worked really hard on it! Sophie xx

  13. Yay!! You’re nearly there! I feel you! I just handed in my dissertation 3 weeks ago and will defend my thesis next week! Oh yeah, the stress hives.. Popping up like there’s no tomorrow! Just drop by to wish you luck and to thank you, your blog has helped a lot to relieve the stress and episodes of panic attack!

  14. Haha bounce back! Good luck on the last bits of the dissertation, Ruth. It’s the homestretch now! When you finish, perhaps you can tell us the best way to cover up stress hives, please and thank you.

  15. Naughty boy (Mr. Bear, not Mr. AMR). The trouble with cats and dogs is that they don’t really learn their lessons about eating things that make them sick. When our doggie ate 3lbs of Christmas chocolate and had to have her stomach pumped, the vet said, “keep it out of reach from now on. She’ll eat this much again tomorrow if you let her.” Lesson learned… $300 later. It was worth it for our girl, though. :)

  16. “Silly old (Mr) Bear.” – Christopher Robins

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