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Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Offer: One for You, One for a Friend!

oskia skincare offer

Oskia’s brand new Renaissance Cleansing Gel has finally launched and readers of A Model Recommends can, for this week only, get two for the price of one! That’s one for you and one for your friend, sister, mother, aunt – whoever’s in your good books. (Or, if you’re anything like I am with your precious beauty buys, “one for me and one for…er…me.” Sshh.)  I wrote about the new Renaissance Cleanser a couple of weeks ago as I had a little pre-release sample and I promised to give you an update. So here it is:

This cleanser is a little more than a cleanser. It’s a juicy, bouncy gel that looks pink and smells rosy and has a combination of choice ingredients that all help to resurface, rejuvenate and generally brighten the skin. (It reminds me of liquidised Turkish Delight. Not that I’ve ever put Turkish Delight in the liquidiser, but…you know what I mean. Sumptuous, gelatinous, gorgeously rosy and soft.) As a cleanser, the Renaissance Cleansing Gel – or, to give it its full name, the Illuminating Vitamin Facial Cleanser  – is very efficient. It removed heavy makeup without a problem, but I like to leave it on for a little longer, almost like a semi-mask, because it seems a shame to immediately wash it off. When you do want to remove it, you simply add water and it turns milky. Perfect for a quick wash, if you prefer it, but – as I said – I like to give it some time.

The Renaissance Cleansing Gel is suitable for any skin type – I especially like the fact that if your skin is feeling a little dry or tight, you can simply splash it off with water and it leaves the skin feeling moisturised, whereas if you want a deeper cleanse you can do the whole shebang with a flannel or muslin cloth. It doesn’t leave any kind of oily residue – it’s slightly lighter and fresher than a cleansing balm – but it still has that unctuous kind of texture that you can massage in and have a proper old clean with.

Ingredients in this include pumpkin enzymes to deep cleanse pores and gently exfoliate dead skin cells away (one of the reasons I like to give this a few minutes to get going on my skin), vitamins C, E and A (do loads of good stuff, including protecting against free radicals and restoring good skin texture) and also Oskia’s nifty little trick, MSM, which has anti-imflammatory properties to calm and soothe the skin.

Works for me! A gel texture isn’t one that I’d normally associate with a deep cleanse product, but this has definitely changed my mind. It’s a brilliant companion for the Renaissance Mask, but also a good everyday cleanser if you’re in for a spot of regular luxury! The buy-one-get-one-free offer is exclusive to A Model Recommends readers, you just need to enter this code* at the checkout: Amodelrecommends09. (Cleansers are £32.50 each for 150ml, but with the offer, £16.25. Nice!)   *PLEASE  PUT TWO CLEANSERS IN YOUR BASKET AND THEN APPLY CODE, OTHERWISE IT WON’T WORK


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  1. hi i was trying to get it and when i put your code it didnt work still showing 1 cleanser in the basket

  2. Hi Ruth,

    I’ve tried your code by putting two items in my basket however the code didn’t work, it came up with ‘The voucher code you entered has already been redeemed’, suggesting that only one person can use it?

    I hope your dissertation is going well. I’m currently going into 2nd year of my PhD and slightly s$*&ing myself about having to start writing something soon. Also the fact that I can’t use the excuse of ‘but I’m just a first year’ at any taxing questions anymore :/

    • HAHA!! I do not envy you. I toyed with the idea of PhD after this but I think Mr AMR would leave home!
      The code should be OK – try again, if you still have probs I’ll let them know x

  3. Definitely taking advantage of this, I’ve been wanting to try Oskia for ages, and I’m in the market for a new morning cleanser :) I also snapped up the £5 sample pack so I can try out a few other goodies :)

    Thanks Ruth!!

  4. I’ve bought this to try! Ever since your post sharing your cleansing routine, I’ve upped the ante and my skin has never looked better. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks for the 2-4-1. If I love it, I’ll keep the other, if not, then it’s going in the Christmas present drawer! x

  5. thank you so much for this promo code, been desperate to try it!!! of course I am keeping them both though. sorry (im not sorry) xx

  6. How does it compare to Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel (my current fave!)

  7. Hi Ruth! Congratulations on your submission!! It will feel strangely free and ridiculously tired for a week! I remember I used to sleep everywhere after I submitted my MSc! Beach, bars, boats everywhere! But it’s worth it! At least hope so :-p

    Just a question between this, merumaya and Emma Hardie which one would you pick as better for combination acne probe skin?
    I am trying Tammy Fender’s milky one at the moment and I like the result but it’s not as good at removing eye makeup as Emma Hardie.

    Have a good rest and thank you for the promo code! Enjoy freedom!! Xx

  8. hi ruth – would this cleanser work okay with the clarisonic?


  9. Blended Turkish Delight?! I need this, it will make a change going on my fae rather than straight on my hips!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. I was so close to purchasing this as I’ve wanted to venture into the Oskia brand for a while. However, the £20 shipping cost to Canada is making me reconsider :(

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