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Sunday Tittle Tattle

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1) I just typed Sunday Tired Tattle by mistake! Do you think my brain is trying to tell me something? I’m feeling a little out of sorts – possibly because of my shockingly poor diet recently (see yesterday’s post) but mainly, I think, because this year has just been so bloody hectic! My brain whizzes around at a million miles an hour from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed. Even when I try to relax and listen to my meditation app I end up making to-do lists! Roll on Christmas. I think I might buy everything ready made and just sit in bed for a week – wheel the telly in on a trolley and eat Aunt Bessie’s yorkshire puddings! The photograph above was accidental – I opened iMovie on my Mac and there I was, looking depressed as you like, sat in my pyjamas and Cardigown and with greasy hair. Yum. Also, spot the hole in the back of my shelves. This is the kind of disarray my new home is in.

2) Many of you signed up to Jane British Beauty Blogger‘s first Beauty Box and said that you loved it and Jane is back with a second! You can see all of the details over on her site here, but (spoiler alert) I can tell you there’s some REN in there, some gorgeous bits from l’Occitane and a full-sized lipgloss from Rouge Bunny Rouge. The box costs £22 and the contents value is £150 – could be a very nice Christmas present for someone, especially if you’d like to introduce them to lots of different brands at once!

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3) This week’s Mr Bear photograph. Another one of him in his tunnel. He hasn’t been very keen on posing lately, I must put him in fancy dress or something, get those pics rolling in…


  1. I’m not a cat person but this is an amazing shot. Award-winning, potentially. He has SO much personality. And his sweet little face is so perfect. It’s possible that this picture has just made me a cat person.

  2. Parsimonious Penny

    For some reason I feel that Mr Bear looks less Bear-like today! He seems quite solemn and regal, like he’s contemplating the world over a little turtle plush toy…

  3. I’m hoping some day there will be beauty boxes that ship to Europe for a reasonable price :D Pretty please?
    You’ll get there, Ruth! The present chaos will soon turn into a lovely cosy home. But there’s fun in planning and decorating too…

  4. Ha… the hole comment cracked me up… was wondering about that!


  5. I know you’ve just moved in and everything, but could you please please pleeeease do a video on how you organize your bathroom, and where you put all your products? Please?

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