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Sunday Tittle Tattle.

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1) Ah, the joys of Halloween. I made absolutely no effort whatsoever for the DailyMixTV party – but then felt a bit bad about it when saw the complexities of some of the other outfits. I’m a bit of a miserly fancy-dresser and I always regret it when I get to the party and see how imaginative other people are. I think it’s because it takes all of my willpower to actually get me to leave the house; having to also consider putting together an outfit seems like too much hard work. You? Are you an enthusiastic fancy dresser or a miser? The extent of my efforts was penning on a black nose and some whiskers and even then I didn’t do all of it myself!

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2) From cat to spider-head. Oh dear. This was actually nicked from the Halloween supplies that they had at Company Magazine’s temporary headquarters – Google HQ. I’ve been to Google a lot because as a Youtube partner I can make free use of the filming, editing and “hangout” facilities but last week I had a bit more of a nose about. I was there shooting a feature for Company’s January issue, which is themed around social media. It should be a good one – it’s out in December. (This still seems weird to me, despite the fact that mags have been coming out in the month before they are dated for as long as I can remember. Why? Why not just have the January issue come out on the 1st of January? It would please me so, so much more!)

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Anyway, things I found out about the Google offices: they have the most amazing canteen. Amazing. And it’s free. Everything from organic antioxidant salads to pulled pork and apple sauce rolls. Mountains of desserts. A pizza counter. If I worked at Google then I would sit and eat all day. For my lunch last week I had the most delicious roast lamb, roasted vegetables and a “side” (another main) of dahl-stuffed peppers. Google also has a ball pit that employees can chill out in and hold meetings, though, to be honest, it’s a bit of a poor ball pit. I was expecting a dark room filled with enough balls (easy now!) to bury myself in (oh God) but it was very shallow and it needed re-thinking. I’m sure the revamp of the ball pit is top of the list at Google… What else? Oh yes – a great gym, loads of comfortable chill out areas, a library, a massive roof terrace with incredible views…

mr bear british shorthair cat

3) Cat picture. Of an actual cat, not me painted as a cat. For more cat pics, see Instagram.


  1. Karen Priscila Castro

    You look amazing as always. xx

  2. These are always my favourite posts of the week :)




  3. The cats eyes are amazing!! sure i saw you or your twin on a train through leeds late sunday also!!! xxx

  4. I’m a hybrid. . I like to be miserly spending and time wise but make a bit of effort thought wise, and get ridiculous enjoyment out of a successfully cheap and unique outfit (make up also often plays a big part, of course). I have been Elvis, Trippitaka, Edward Scissorhands and last year, Tippi Hedren a la The Birds http://t.co/H7to9bEUXn xxx

  5. I interviewed at Google in the USA once. I don’t know this is a standard thing across all offices, but the one I was at had little rolling tables in the bathrooms so you can bring your laptop into the stall… I wasn’t sure whether I should be amazed or disgusted.

  6. Hello Ruth! Bit of a different topic question…I am a 22 year old girl with long hair, which is in great shape (fine, but lovely and long and shiny!) except recently it is VERY thin around my forehead to where I can see to my scalp. Now is NOT the time for thinning hair! I am desperate…do you have ANY recommendations for this type of problem? Please let me know!!

    xx Audrey

  7. I am an avid halloween dresser and have always been! This year I had my costume picked in the beginning of September (No. 6 from the 1967 version of The Prisoner, which is a really cool show and if you haven’t seen it its’ free on youtube [legally!]). Also, that picture of Mr. Bear is stunning!

  8. even though you didn’t put much effort into your halloween costume, you were rocking that cat makeup! meow! :P x

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