Window Shopping: Best Winter Sweaters

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My sweater shopping has begun in earnest. I’m trying to keep the heating bill down as I now have a house that seems to literally suck any kind of warmth from the air and dispose of it out of some form of secret trapdoor in the roof. As I type this I am wearing a vest, a t-shirt, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a polo-neck wool jumper and I have only just taken off my coat. Roll on summer, everyone, roll on summer!

The image above was taken last autumn/winter when I did my knitwear lookbook – the cardi I’m wearing is from Hush. They no longer do this exact product but they have more jumpers and cardigans than you can shake a stick at. All styled so wonderfully that you tend to want everything they make.

Some other contenders for the sweater list:

best winter jumpers

1) Aran jumper at ASOS. Currently at 50% off (hurrah) and there are a few more on there that are also well-priced. I like this moss green one though, it’s a good “blonde” tone, don’t you think? Or is it too swamp-like? £19 at

uniqlo cashmere sweater

2) Cashmere Blend Cable Round Neck Sweater from Uniqlo. I like the relaxed fit at the waist and also the colour; soft, almost lavender grey. There’s a fine ribbing to the sleeves which contrasts with the cable knit on the body – a nice detail, it adds a bit of interest. I have lots of Uniqlo knitwear and I tend to do a little stock-up every winter – this one is already in the basket. It’s £29.90 from Uniqlo.

whistles boucle jumper

3) Something a little different and I’m having one of those should-I-shouldn’t-I moments: the Noemie Punch Needle Boucle Knit from Whistles. (Here.) The detailing around the neckline lifts it from a casual “everyday” knit to something a bit more fashion forward. The chunky boucle texture is also quite unusual – at £110 this is slightly more than I’d normally pay for a “throw it on” staple, but I am so tempted.

kooples winter jumper leopard

4) I’m a sucker for anything soft and cosy that sports an animal print – I wear my Whistles animal print sweaters from last year constantly. This one from The Kooples (here) is chunkier and looks slightly more robust. It’s also pricier, though (£165) and so behold my more affordable alternative…

warehouse leopard print jumper

5) Warehouse! £40! This is quite similar to the Whistles one I have already, actually. It’s not a thick, go rambling in the woods kind of jumper but it’s very cute and smart and can be tucked into a skirt or high-waisted jeans for a vintage look. I’m going to snap this one up and perhaps the red version they make too! Find it at Warehouse here.

As usual, fellow Window Shoppers, your suggestions below. And any voucher codes and so on – they’re always helpful!

32 Responses to "Window Shopping: Best Winter Sweaters"
  1. maryann says:

    I ended up getting the ARON JUMPER from ASOS. It’s wonderful and so soft. It’s much less swampy looking than in the picture but was also shorter than expected. Not too short, just surprised me. I got it in grey. Killed two birds with one stone. Had been looking for a nice knit sweater and a grey sweater for a while.

  2. Maya Matthews says:

    i have a great marron one from primark. I felt like Ron Weasley but it looks gorgeous.. and does contain wool!

  3. Mariana Leal says:

    Ruth, I grew up in South America (where it is actually quite cold in winter and few places have central heating) and I absolutely love good jumpers; I still have hand knitted ones. But really it HAS to be wool, otherwise they won’t keep you warm, regardless of how many layers you out on… That would eliminate several of your list… This is from someone who used to be sent by her mum to school with hand knit knickers (over your cotton ones, of course!), considered the only viable way to avoid cysti….

  4. Sophie says:

    I really need to get some winter jumpers, thanks for the recommendations!



  5. chockycakes51 says:

    Invest in a good ‘fleece’ jacket…not very glamorous but very warm! :-)

  6. I love sweaters and I adore this post! I say ‘two thumbs up’ to the moss-colored ASOS sweater – so cute!
    Meghan xo

  7. Jo says:

    Oh I really like this post – and am very interested in the Uniqlo sweater. Good to know you like Uniqlo, Ruth, because I am tempted to order their since quite a while but wasn’t sure whether one can trust the quality.

    But now you all mention washing problems – ugh. Have you tried the cold water washing extra for wool on your washing mashines? Or have you used warm water?

    • RuthCrilly says:

      No, it was on the delicate wash! I think that if they say dry clean then they strictly are… I’ll have a check in town tomorrow. xx

  8. Adrienne says:

    i need to stop reading your blog or i’m going to go broke. bought the CD abricot cream yesterday, and now i can’t stop thinking about that leopard print sweater.

  9. jools says:

    Have bought the swamp green one … love it x

  10. Ella says:

    Ugh I can’t stand leopard print on most people – but I do think you pull it off. I can’t believe the first one is only £19, I’ll have to pick it up!

    Topshop giveaway on my blog!

  11. Dana says:

    oh thankyou thankyou, love your style x

  12. Chicken says:

    I bought the “Kooples sport” sweater 2 months ago and it is gorgeous! It also has a zip on the left side, which definitely add something :)

  13. Cris Rajic says:

    Love all of them!

  14. Never house hunt outside the Winter months. May I suggest a good snowmobile suit supplier?

  15. Emma says:

    love the whistles one!!!

  16. SouthernSony says:

    I loved the first three, but the color of the second doesn’t suit me (it’s better for fair-haired girls). What can we “animal-print-haters” wear not to look too basic?

  17. That Kooples grey leopard sweater is gorge!

  18. Dawn says:

    I just bought 5 Uniglo sweaters yesterday! But now I’m eyeing that Whistles one with the black neckline…..Thanks a lot Ruth!

  19. Gozde says:

    It only took me 3 seconds to decide I wanted the first jumper and 10 seconds in total to actually make a purchase. Do you see the power you have over me Rutthhh! My bank hates you but I love you X

  20. Anni says:

    I had never heard of Uniqlo, but the sweater looks good. I also think the Asos-one will suit you. I’m not a fan of the Warehouse leopard print.

  21. lyn says:

    I like the gray cashmere blend jumper from uniqlo. What a great price for cashmere.Have to check it out!!

  22. Leanda says:

    I have the Uniqlo sweater and it lovely, but has to be dry cleaned! Being very tight I decided I’m not spending £8 cleaning a £30 sweater so I hand washed it carefully but with disastrous results – it kind of exploded. Just thought I’d let anyone know who was thinking oh getting it.

    • RuthCrilly says:

      Yes, I have washed a couple of my Uniqlo dry-cleans and same thing. One shrunk to the size of a newborn baby’s jumper!

    • Anne says:

      Grateful for that tip, though I must admit to having never ever washed an incredibly expensive wool cardigan I bought for fear of ruining it.

  23. Sidney Rose says:

    The Uniqlo and Asos ones are lovely, but then I’m a sucker for anything cable knit x

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