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Sunday Tittle Tattle

party bugs bunny dead

Well. Christmas is pretty much over, isn’t it? I feel as pooped as Bugs does in the photo above! This is the last of the more “chatty”, diary-style posts that I’ve been relying on over the holidays – normal service resumes tomorrow… On with the Tittle Tattle.

1) Your thoughts needed please: do you mind that these chatty, informal posts are mixed up with more informative and considered posts, here on A Model Recommends? Or would you prefer for them to be separated in some way? I was thinking that I could somehow differentiate between them so that if you don’t want to read about me, my life, my ramblings, then you don’t have to – you can just read the sensible stuff. It might make your “user experience” more relevant and/or enjoyable. Let me know what you think, if you will – I find your feedback incredibly useful.

ruth crilly model recommends

2) Instagram followers may have noticed a new addition to the AMR household: Dexter the Dog. I’m not going to dwell on this momentous occasion because many of you are already sick to death of me going on about my cat; but on that note I just wanted to reassure Mr Bear lovers that he is absolutely fine and non-traumatised. Getting Dexter was a long-considered decision and Dog and Cat were introduced slowly, carefully and after a lot of research. Dexter is now about 15 weeks old and quite “active” (*hides all expensive clothing, takes another Nurofen*) but all are doing well. Apart from the humans – we’re knackered.

aesop parsley skincare

3) Thank you for all of your tweets and Instagram comments about the Parsley Seed range from Aesop: I am going to start testing it in earnest this very week. It sounds as though I’ll have to grab myself the cleansing mask from the range too – that appears to be the “holy grail” product for many of you. Though I’m not sure that I need both the Facial Cleanser from the set (above) and the cleansing mask.. What do you think?

mr bear british shorthair cat

4) Weekly cat photo: Mr Bear, my plumptious and loyal little friend. More pics on Instagram.

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  1. Love the blog the way it is now! :)

  2. Nobody wants to be serious all the time. I like it when you go ‘chatty’. On the note of different posts, I would LOVE it if you shared your cat meets dog know-how as my tabby Penny is soon to need to make best buds with a baby whippet. Any advice you could share would be hugely appreciated! Merry Xmas, Ruth. Mxox

  3. You really only do one casual chatty post a week, and I think that’s a nice amount! It’s good to see the person behind all the informative posts now and then, and who doesn’t love a cute cat picture.

  4. Personally I love all the chatty blog posts and serious reviews all in together. You’re so real that its refreshing to get both! Balance is key.

  5. i like a mix of “informal” and” formal” post. like the blog as it is.

  6. I like the more personal and professional posts together too! You’re brilliantly wonderful. x

  7. I like the informal posts :)

  8. Love the informal posts mixed up with more informative ones : ) also loving dexter the dog! Looking forward to chic dog walking outfits and hearing about what has gone to designer heaven (if you can’t live without it, puppy will want to chew it!)

  9. the dog is so cute! love these posts :)


  10. I really love your informal posts Ruth because of your humour and excellent writing style. Also, your pets are adorable (but you already know that!) xx

  11. Don’t change the blog! Love the balance of posts now :)

  12. I love the blog as it is now. I like the mix of posts

  13. I really like the mix, so please continue, the posts this Christmas have all made me smile.
    Both Mr Bear and Dexter are gorgeous pets, I love reading about Mr Bear and a puppy, well, they do all kinds of crazy stuff and with your writing style it’ll be so much fun reading about him.
    A bit early, but,
    Happy New Year

  14. As is please… Don’t go changing baby… I loves you as you is ;) xxx

  15. I like the chatty posts Ruth. It’s a good mix with the more beauty centered ones. Besides, your writing style is brilliant and hilarious so you could probably write about poop and I woul still love it. :)XX

  16. It’s your blog, you make the rules! That being said…I like the format as is now. Who wants to read “The Journal of Medicine” with their coffee in the morning (not me, that’s who!) it’s nice to know a bit about you…makes me want to take your advice…kind of like a friend you take shopping with you because you trust her opinion. All the best for 2014 to you and yours!

  17. Mariella (Musing on Beauty)

    I love your posts, Ruth, a little bit crazy and always lovely and funny! xx

  18. I love the blog just the way it is! The variation is fun. You never fail to give us a giggle so don’t change anything! All the very best for the New Year to you and the AMR household xx

  19. “Plumptious”??? Amazing. Keep the blog just as it is, Ruth! I think the mix is what makes it so good, because it’s always better to read something from someone you feel like you know a bit about, so you get interested in that person’s opinion on things specifically.

  20. Perfect as it is.

  21. There’s a reason you’re my favourite blogger, YouTuber and all round Internet person! I love things as they are now. I am happy to read the chatty posts and always take your advice/recommendations (when my purse allows ;-)). Keep up the fab work. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Ruth xxx

  22. Ruth, your beautiful soul and sparkling personality resonate with more women than you can imagine. Don’t change a thing….you are perfect the way you are. Thanks for your honest view on life and all things beauty. Its highly appreciated.

  23. I love your blog just the way it is. So witty and filled with joyous fun!

  24. Ruth, you are very obviously a physically beautiful lady and I think these kind of posts enable your readers to see how beautiful you are on the inside too – it’s very rare to have both qualities! Keep it up.

  25. Plumptious. I like that word.

  26. I love your blog as is :)

  27. i love your blog the way it is!

  28. I love that you mix in more personal chatty posts. Keep up the good work and write about whatever you want!! Xxx

  29. Ruth, please do not change your blog. Everything is absolutely perfect. I’m approaching my 70th birthday (I look 50-LOL) and I hang on your every word. I’ve always loved makeup and cannot live without my mascara! Actually I feel like we’re close friends. It is amazing how we humans have the need to know everything about a person who is in the spotlight, such as yourself. You are such a well-rounded person with a personality plus. As I read the other posts I see how much everyone loves you, including myself.
    Sara “Sonny” – USA

  30. Your blog, your rules!
    I do get where you’re coming from with the “user experience” aspect. But I like your blog how it is now. With the small peeks into your personal life and the chatty informal posts. As others said before I think it also makes you more authentic and people will more likely take your beauty advice and follow your recommendations.
    All the best from Switzerland.

  31. Ruth, please don’t change your blog! Its perfect the way it is! I always read your daily newsletter on bus into college/work and on more than one occasion I have drawn odd looks as I chuckle to aloud at your hilarious and eloquent way with words! And most importantly since I’ve started reading your blog and taking your advice I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my skin, so thank you!
    All the best for 2014 from the windy and wet west of Ireland,

  32. i love it as it is..i started reading for the “beauty reviews” but along the way found my self enjoying your Sunday posts so much that i don’t see this blog the same without it.you have a great balance so no complaints from me.

  33. I love all of your posts, whether they’re serious reviews or nonsense. I don’t think there’s a need to separate – if someone isn’t interested, they’ll just skim or ignore the post anyway. Btw, what kind of dog is Dexter? We need more pictures!

  34. Talisa Lauren Tossell

    Dexter is adorable! Keep your blog how you want it! It’s your blog!


  35. Dexter is fabulous (and what a great name for a dog!!) what breed is he?
    I love the mix of chat and reviews by the way.

  36. Love the mixture of both types of posts. Hope you and your family had an amazing Christmas. Dexter looks super cute! xx

  37. Mr. Bear *.*…Ruth for your blog write in the format that you feel you want to write…the one you feel comfortable and you sense that you are getting across your message the right way. In other words just be yourself and be happy with your writing, If you like it, we’ll like it… :P that’s my opinion.. Mr. Bear *.*

  38. Hi Ruth – the blog is great as it is! Fab balance of chatty and informative. Dexter looks gorgeous – look forward to reading about him and Mr Bear :D x

  39. Adore the mix as it is — and any Mr Bear and Dexter stories are just perfect for those of us who’d love a furry friend but can’t have one right now… xx

  40. Hi Ruth,

    I’m a very long time ready, I’d guess 3+ years, yours and a lot lot more, and very very rarely do I comment.

    Your style of writing is so quirky, witty, with a dash of sarcasm thrown in and I love it !

    But I just wanted you to know, though initially I started reading a lot of the blogs for beauty blabber, to now more and enjoy, now, I truly enjoy reading about each bloggers life and themselves, each of you have such unique tidbits to share that reading all this is my leisure, relax period everyday. I wish I was a blogger too, but I’m just too lazy, though I have loads and loads and loads of stuff lying around. You, Vivianna(Vivianna loves makeup), Charlestongirl (Best things in beauty), Karen(MBB), Sabrina (The Beauty Look Book), Amy (Cafemakeup), Getting cheely, mostly sunny, raeviewer, bellachique … oh I could go on …

    All of you, just keep my world so happy !

    Please dow rite about all the extra bits and bobs in your life ! Wishing you a happy new year ! And I love Dexter and Mr Bear (I’m a huge animal person, with cats and dogs at my place as well ! I know it could be a riot ! I have 4 kittens, a cat and a pup ):)

    Swathi Narumanchi

  41. “My plumptious and loyal little friend.” Aaahhh…what a perfect description of my favorite internet cat! Ruth, with your writing talent, I think you should write a childrens book about Mr. Bear. I could see him as the Winnie-the-Pooh of his generation. You have given him a “voice” through IG, and it’s perfect. Love your blog as is. Thumbs up all the way around!

  42. Haha, Mr. Bear is perfectly plumptious! And congrats on the new addition- Dexter is precious! Looking forward to your thoughts on the Aesop as well :)

  43. Hi! Love the blog as it is right now. Thanks for delivering a fun blog to read every day. Happy New Year! :)

  44. Personally, I enjoy the serious and chatty posts being mixed together, it’s a more personal feel that makes your blog seem really welcoming! And oh Dexter looks so lovely, good luck on keeping your house puppy-proof!

  45. Dexter is adorable! I love animals and both he and Mr.Bear are so cute. I like your blog just the way it is with both beauty and personal chatty entries. I especially like seeing you going to places that are not in my world, such as going to the BAFTAs and to Paris for modeling appearances.

  46. I love the mix of posts just as they are. Cant wait to get to know Dexter, he’s adorable :)

  47. Keep the posts as they are. I have enjoyed reading them over the past few months you have a lot to answer to Ruth I have purchased Jo Malone perfume and half price goodies from The Body Shop and M&S get it up I am loving it. Best Wishes for 2014.

  48. I first started reading beauty blogs to up my knowledge/comfort level with color/brands/how to use, etc. Now I still read for information but I also like the ‘peek behind the curtain’ so to speak. What makes a blogger tick, what influences a purchase or how a product is used. I enjoy getting to know the person behind the blog (at least as much as one can over the internet). At least for me, the titles of your posts generally give me a good idea of what’s to follow. If it doesn’t grab my attention – I don’t have to read it. All that to say, I love the mix of product, practical and personal & I look forward to reading more in 2014. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  49. In my opinion, the best part about reading blogs is getting to know the authors a little bit. It makes it seem more real, more relatable. Even though you’re a professional model, it’s nice to know that you’re just like the rest of us, that you have the same ramblings in your mind that we do. ;)

  50. The mix is fine :-) Dexter is so adorable! And mr bear is just as lovely as always…

  51. I enjoy the personal posts mixed in with “formal” posts. Please continue :)

  52. I like the mix of business and personal chats.

  53. Don’t give up the mix, it really makes me smile when my days going very rubbish (which is most) please keep them in!!! And I wish my cat reacted well to our new dog. They just fight lol. Mind you the house was hers for 13 years now this big dogs come in! Xx

  54. Love it Ruth. and I’m very impressed that you posted anything at all over the festive period.

  55. Mr. Bear’s life shall never be the same with adorable Dexter added to your family, and Mr. B will love you unimaginably for this very reason. Truly looking forward to hearing about their shenangins. And a mix of informal and informative posts to me are ideal !

  56. Keep the personal and professional mix of posts, Ruth! I enjoy reading all of them!

  57. I do love reading about your life, thoughts, interests..

  58. I love the mix. I love your blog. I love your Mr. Bear and Dexter! :)

  59. I like the mix, changes things up and keeps it fresh. Keep everyone on their toes and all that :)

  60. Love the posts, and having them mixed together!
    I really want a puppy, I miss having one but working so much this year wont allow it!

    Cornelia – Ineffable Beauty

  61. Hi Ruth,

    I love your blog! Its the one blog I subscribe to – and I am a very picky bugger – so you must be doing something right.
    I love the mix of posts – keep them coming.
    I have been reading your blog for many many years, and I don’t feel ‘ready’ for the day until I have read your daily post.

    You make me smile – you should be really proud of your blog! Because – it is THEE best one out there.

    Have a Very Happy New Year!
    Dexter and Mr Bear are gorgeous – and I am sure will be the best of pals.

    Amy xxx

  62. ive always loved your day to day life ramblings as much as your beauty ones :) your the only blog i subscribe to tbh :)

  63. I vote for keeping the chatty posts mixed in with your serious ones :) Thank you for sharing your life with us, Ruth! Congrats on the new addition to the AMR family; he’s adorable.

  64. Absolutely love the chatty posts! They are one of the [many] reasons I got hooked on your blog!

  65. Definitely keep the chatty posts! they keep your blog more informal.

  66. I love your chatty posts and your beauty posts so I wouldn’t mind if it stayed mixed like this :)

  67. cute pics! i love your cat, so cute


  68. I really enjoy the informal chatty posts being mixed in. Your writing style is very conversational and fun to read. Write on!

  69. Love the mix as it is. Dexter is so cute-hope Mr Bear is not the jealous type

  70. Elizabeth Detrich

    I love the blog, it’s relevant and educational; I enjoy both text and videos, so keep them coming!

    The new addition to your family is so cute! I’m glad Mr. Bear is ok and they like each other. I would love to adopt a dog, but unfortunately, my two 20-lb cats would not agree……

  71. Dexter is really cute and I think dogs and cats can be really good friends. What happened to the grey British short hair kitten??

  72. Your new addition is too cute! I love hearing about your life…it’s sometimes the best part about blogs- it’s like reality TV but with fun normal but interesting people!

    Katie x

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