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Sunday Tittle Tattle

party bugs bunny dead

Well. Christmas is pretty much over, isn’t it? I feel as pooped as Bugs does in the photo above! This is the last of the more “chatty”, diary-style posts that I’ve been relying on over the holidays – normal service resumes tomorrow… On with the Tittle Tattle.

1) Your thoughts needed please: do you mind that these chatty, informal posts are mixed up with more informative and considered posts, here on A Model Recommends? Or would you prefer for them to be separated in some way? I was thinking that I could somehow differentiate between them so that if you don’t want to read about me, my life, my ramblings, then you don’t have to – you can just read the sensible stuff. It might make your “user experience” more relevant and/or enjoyable. Let me know what you think, if you will – I find your feedback incredibly useful.

ruth crilly model recommends

2) Instagram followers may have noticed a new addition to the AMR household: Dexter the Dog. I’m not going to dwell on this momentous occasion because many of you are already sick to death of me going on about my cat; but on that note I just wanted to reassure Mr Bear lovers that he is absolutely fine and non-traumatised. Getting Dexter was a long-considered decision and Dog and Cat were introduced slowly, carefully and after a lot of research. Dexter is now about 15 weeks old and quite “active” (*hides all expensive clothing, takes another Nurofen*) but all are doing well. Apart from the humans – we’re knackered.

aesop parsley skincare

3) Thank you for all of your tweets and Instagram comments about the Parsley Seed range from Aesop: I am going to start testing it in earnest this very week. It sounds as though I’ll have to grab myself the cleansing mask from the range too – that appears to be the “holy grail” product for many of you. Though I’m not sure that I need both the Facial Cleanser from the set (above) and the cleansing mask.. What do you think?

mr bear british shorthair cat

4) Weekly cat photo: Mr Bear, my plumptious and loyal little friend. More pics on Instagram.

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  1. Love the blog the way it is now! :)

  2. Nobody wants to be serious all the time. I like it when you go ‘chatty’. On the note of different posts, I would LOVE it if you shared your cat meets dog know-how as my tabby Penny is soon to need to make best buds with a baby whippet. Any advice you could share would be hugely appreciated! Merry Xmas, Ruth. Mxox

  3. You really only do one casual chatty post a week, and I think that’s a nice amount! It’s good to see the person behind all the informative posts now and then, and who doesn’t love a cute cat picture.

  4. Personally I love all the chatty blog posts and serious reviews all in together. You’re so real that its refreshing to get both! Balance is key.

  5. i like a mix of “informal” and” formal” post. like the blog as it is.

  6. I like the more personal and professional posts together too! You’re brilliantly wonderful. x

  7. I like the informal posts :)

  8. Love the informal posts mixed up with more informative ones : ) also loving dexter the dog! Looking forward to chic dog walking outfits and hearing about what has gone to designer heaven (if you can’t live without it, puppy will want to chew it!)

  9. the dog is so cute! love these posts :)


  10. I really love your informal posts Ruth because of your humour and excellent writing style. Also, your pets are adorable (but you already know that!) xx

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