Sunday Tittle Tattle

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Well. Christmas is pretty much over, isn’t it? I feel as pooped as Bugs does in the photo above! This is the last of the more “chatty”, diary-style posts that I’ve been relying on over the holidays – normal service resumes tomorrow… On with the Tittle Tattle.

1) Your thoughts needed please: do you mind that these chatty, informal posts are mixed up with more informative and considered posts, here on A Model Recommends? Or would you prefer for them to be separated in some way? I was thinking that I could somehow differentiate between them so that if you don’t want to read about me, my life, my ramblings, then you don’t have to – you can just read the sensible stuff. It might make your “user experience” more relevant and/or enjoyable. Let me know what you think, if you will – I find your feedback incredibly useful.

ruth crilly model recommends

2) Instagram followers may have noticed a new addition to the AMR household: Dexter the Dog. I’m not going to dwell on this momentous occasion because many of you are already sick to death of me going on about my cat; but on that note I just wanted to reassure Mr Bear lovers that he is absolutely fine and non-traumatised. Getting Dexter was a long-considered decision and Dog and Cat were introduced slowly, carefully and after a lot of research. Dexter is now about 15 weeks old and quite “active” (*hides all expensive clothing, takes another Nurofen*) but all are doing well. Apart from the humans – we’re knackered.

aesop parsley skincare

3) Thank you for all of your tweets and Instagram comments about the Parsley Seed range from Aesop: I am going to start testing it in earnest this very week. It sounds as though I’ll have to grab myself the cleansing mask from the range too – that appears to be the “holy grail” product for many of you. Though I’m not sure that I need both the Facial Cleanser from the set (above) and the cleansing mask.. What do you think?

mr bear british shorthair cat

4) Weekly cat photo: Mr Bear, my plumptious and loyal little friend. More pics on Instagram.


  1. Your new addition is too cute! I love hearing about your life…it’s sometimes the best part about blogs- it’s like reality TV but with fun normal but interesting people!

    Katie x

  2. Dexter is really cute and I think dogs and cats can be really good friends. What happened to the grey British short hair kitten??

  3. Elizabeth Detrich

    I love the blog, it’s relevant and educational; I enjoy both text and videos, so keep them coming!

    The new addition to your family is so cute! I’m glad Mr. Bear is ok and they like each other. I would love to adopt a dog, but unfortunately, my two 20-lb cats would not agree……

  4. Love the mix as it is. Dexter is so cute-hope Mr Bear is not the jealous type

  5. I really enjoy the informal chatty posts being mixed in. Your writing style is very conversational and fun to read. Write on!

  6. cute pics! i love your cat, so cute

  7. I love your chatty posts and your beauty posts so I wouldn’t mind if it stayed mixed like this :)

  8. Definitely keep the chatty posts! they keep your blog more informal.

  9. Absolutely love the chatty posts! They are one of the [many] reasons I got hooked on your blog!

  10. I vote for keeping the chatty posts mixed in with your serious ones :) Thank you for sharing your life with us, Ruth! Congrats on the new addition to the AMR family; he’s adorable.

  11. ive always loved your day to day life ramblings as much as your beauty ones :) your the only blog i subscribe to tbh :)

  12. Hi Ruth,

    I love your blog! Its the one blog I subscribe to – and I am a very picky bugger – so you must be doing something right.
    I love the mix of posts – keep them coming.
    I have been reading your blog for many many years, and I don’t feel ‘ready’ for the day until I have read your daily post.

    You make me smile – you should be really proud of your blog! Because – it is THEE best one out there.

    Have a Very Happy New Year!
    Dexter and Mr Bear are gorgeous – and I am sure will be the best of pals.

    Amy xxx

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