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Sunday Tittle Tattle

skincare best sale

1) Have you been keeping up with my sales posts? I’ve scoured the internet for the best deals in fashion (here), books (here) and now beauty (here)! Thank you, though, to an eagle-eyed reader who spotted an Alpha-H deal at LookFantastic. It’s two 100ml bottles of Liquid Gold for £39.99, but she also had a code for 12% off: NEWYEAR12. I haven’t tested this one, but the page is here – hope it works!

2) In one week, Mr AMR and I have managed to polish off the final series of Dexter (WHAT is that finale all about? Bizarre!), promise ourselves never to start another TV marathon ever again and promptly begin a brand new TV marathon. This time it’s The Good Wife. Anyone seen it? We are addicted! We’ve already devoured series 1 (18 episodes in the first day, don’t even go there) and are now trying to resist rushing through series two. One of my major problems with working so manically most of the time is that when I do try to relax, I end up watching crazy amounts of television via Netflix. It’s the only way to stop my fingers from itching and my brain from whirring! I’ll have square eyes by tomorrow..

floods 2013

3) What else? Um. Oh yes – floods! Is anyone else surrounded by water? My house hasn’t flooded (a miracle, seeing as though it’s on a river) but all of the surrounding fields and roads are very soggy, to say the least. And the new puppy is very much enjoying hurling himself full pelt into any body of water that we pass, emerging seconds later looking like some kind of swamp rat. It’s TERRIBLE for my wardrobe, all of this dog walking – I’m going to have to buy a stock of very inexpensive jeans to be kept especially for “country things”.

country life canal

 And I’ve given up on attempting to get along the canal path in my Jimmy Choos. (Joke. Obviously. Although I have a friend who would definitely try.)

4) Holiday query: has anyone been to Port Isaac? Does anyone live there? Does anyone have any holiday cottage recommendations? My Mum is looking to hire somewhere for us and keeps bombarding me with links for Cottages4U – if you have any insider info then please do let me know!

mr bear photo

5) Cat photo. Wouldn’t be Sunday without it.. Here’s Mr Bear taking a short break from typing into his MacBook Air. It’s sensible to rest one’s eyes every ten minutes or so when staring at screens – we could all learn a lesson here.


  1. My sister and brother-in-law live in Port Isaac. Drop me a line and I can put you in touch.

  2. Oh God, I can´t believe the beauty of those landscapes, really gorgeous! You´re so lucky, I´d change the beach and the all year round summer weather for the countryside in a minute.

  3. I went to Port Isaac with my family in June 2012 and stayed at Trewartha Farm (www.trewarthafarm.co.uk). Really lovely farm with views out to the ocean. Not in the centre of town, but no more than a 10 minute drive. Filming had finished when we arrived so it was easy to find restaurants and the like. It was a bit cold when I was there but then again I don’t really know typical weather for Cornwall ( I’m from Australia). Hope this helps! Btw your blog is always amazing although I’m not really a cat person Mr Bear is always so adorable!

  4. The infamous Emma Hardy cleansing balm, I just dont know whether to take the plunge and buy it!
    You wee pup is so cute!

  5. I just reordered the Liquid Gold! Country photos look beautiful, must be nice to be able to roam free!

    Caitlin Confidential

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