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Uh Oh. Net-a-Porter Sale: Round 2

net-a-porter sale 70%

I thought that I was done and dusted with my sales posts (and my sales shopping!) but then an email pinged into my inbox and resisting opening it would have been akin to placing a lively mouse in front of a cat and expecting the cat to simply ignore it. It was the Net-a-Porter email that they send out as soon as they start making the “further reductions” – it’s traditionally the time when I make my best investment purchases. Although I’m not sure how I did this time – we’ll have to wait and see what everything’s like when it arrives! Mind you, the last shipment was a roaring success, so I have high hopes…

Here’s what I bought. At time of publishing, there were loads left in different sizes; there are also plenty of items that I loved but couldn’t justify – so enjoy browsing on my behalf!

net-a-porter sale picks

1) Vivienne Westwood Explorer silk jumpsuit, reduced from £445 to £227.50 here. This is my favourite (and most indulgent) buy. Love the classic shape of the top, love the “sport” trim – just perfect. I hope it fits!

j.crew sweater sale

2) Bargain of the week; J.Crew merino sweater, reduced from £85 to £25.50 here. Not particularly exciting, but very useful and it looks non-itchy, which is a must. The Whistles eyelash trim top I bought makes me want to peel my skin off it’s so itchy! But it looks good, I just have to make sure I wear a cotton t-shirt beneath.

Net-a-Porter Sale – 70% Reductions

net-a-porter sale picks

3) Not so sure about these. What do you think? I’ve bought them, anyway. I can always send them back! Isabel Marant, reduced from £205 to £61.50 here. I think the way that they’re styled is great – on the look out for a big, voluminous black sweater, now. Nudge me if you see one!

net-a-porter sale picks

4) Photos of black clothing – never very easy to see! This has clever twisted ruching at the waist that (hopefully) makes it really flattering. Time will tell. This was reduced from £220 to £66 (here) and I’m hoping that it will be a wise investment!

Net-a-Porter Sale

Right. I must just go and sell tea-towels door-to-door before the credit card bill arrives! If you want even more sales temptation then check out the HUSH sale which started today – my favourite PJs are in there and lots of lovely knitwear. No voluminous black jumpers, unfortunately… HUSH Sale


  1. Els Van Zegbroeck

    Don’t you have to pay import duty & taxes? That’s why I never buy anything from there because I’m afraid I’ll have to pay extra.

  2. A bit late here, but adding a comment nonetheless. Love the trousers! Do you have them yet? Sadly, I think I’d need the size 40 which are no longer stocked :(. Debating whether the 42 will be too big (going on the measurements they’ll be too big for my waist but only a tad bigger on my hips. Thoughts??)

  3. Thanks! Got an amazing McQueen skirt at Net a Porter which was 70% off. They were so helpful on the phone too, and gave me the exact measurements, to help me pick the right size.

  4. Love all of them, great sales pics!

    Greetings from London,


  5. Following this post, I had nose at the Net-a-Porter sale too and ordered this gorgeous skirt, http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/352687 I’ve been lusting after it for ages bit couldn’t justify the original £150 price tag but the new £60 cost was a bargain! Lets hope it fits. Thanks for the Net-a-Porter sale tip!

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