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Uh Oh. Net-a-Porter Sale: Round 2

net-a-porter sale 70%

I thought that I was done and dusted with my sales posts (and my sales shopping!) but then an email pinged into my inbox and resisting opening it would have been akin to placing a lively mouse in front of a cat and expecting the cat to simply ignore it. It was the Net-a-Porter email that they send out as soon as they start making the “further reductions” – it’s traditionally the time when I make my best investment purchases. Although I’m not sure how I did this time – we’ll have to wait and see what everything’s like when it arrives! Mind you, the last shipment was a roaring success, so I have high hopes…

Here’s what I bought. At time of publishing, there were loads left in different sizes; there are also plenty of items that I loved but couldn’t justify – so enjoy browsing on my behalf!

net-a-porter sale picks

1) Vivienne Westwood Explorer silk jumpsuit, reduced from £445 to £227.50 here. This is my favourite (and most indulgent) buy. Love the classic shape of the top, love the “sport” trim – just perfect. I hope it fits!

j.crew sweater sale

2) Bargain of the week; J.Crew merino sweater, reduced from £85 to £25.50 here. Not particularly exciting, but very useful and it looks non-itchy, which is a must. The Whistles eyelash trim top I bought makes me want to peel my skin off it’s so itchy! But it looks good, I just have to make sure I wear a cotton t-shirt beneath.

Net-a-Porter Sale – 70% Reductions

net-a-porter sale picks

3) Not so sure about these. What do you think? I’ve bought them, anyway. I can always send them back! Isabel Marant, reduced from £205 to £61.50 here. I think the way that they’re styled is great – on the look out for a big, voluminous black sweater, now. Nudge me if you see one!

net-a-porter sale picks

4) Photos of black clothing – never very easy to see! This has clever twisted ruching at the waist that (hopefully) makes it really flattering. Time will tell. This was reduced from £220 to £66 (here) and I’m hoping that it will be a wise investment!

Net-a-Porter Sale

Right. I must just go and sell tea-towels door-to-door before the credit card bill arrives! If you want even more sales temptation then check out the HUSH sale which started today – my favourite PJs are in there and lots of lovely knitwear. No voluminous black jumpers, unfortunately… HUSH Sale


  1. Love the silk jumpsuit! I wish I could pull something like that off, but unfortunately jumpsuits are mortal enemies with lower belly pooches. Haha :)

  2. I tried to avoid net-a-porter for that reason. I would buy way to much. Or at least that craving again. Given that I decided to try the five french piece wardrobe things craving is the last thing I want to do. Anyway, the items you chosed are fabulous. I really love the sweater!

    Katharina // Katinka

  3. The problem with all tight black T by Alexander Wang dresses is that they are completely see-through…. You can see EVERYTHING especially on your backside.

  4. love those trousers! xx


  5. What size did you get in the Wang-dress? so difficult to decide.. Does anyone know how the sizing is on this dress?

    • I went for a small. I basically just always choose a size up from the model’s size as they use very slim models. They are probably an 8, I am a ten. Hope that helps! x

  6. ooh the J Crew seater looks lovely and great deal too! Ruth can you (or your readers) recommend a good “budget” eye cream…under £10 for dry/red skin around the eye area…I’m sorry this is unrelated to this post and I know you focus more on high end than budget x

  7. The Wang dress is gorgeous – please let us know how it works out!

  8. Becki & Jess Dunn

    Oh I love that jumpsuit! I would love to buy a few of the printed tee’s!
    Becki xx

  9. Love the IM trousers!

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