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Sunday Tittle Tattle

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1) Well. I thought that this would be my first week back, but really, I’ve done hardly anything at all other than watch lots of The Good Wife with Mr AMR. I’ve actually had a very nice week indeed, thank you very much, and have been far more relaxed than I was over Christmas. Maybe relaxing takes a few weeks to kick in? Back to work properly from tomorrow though – I have so much to do!

2) May of the beauty sales are almost over now – Escentual (20% site-wide, here) finishes today and FeelUnique.com ends tomorrow. FeelUnique are offering an extra 5% off sales prices, just in case you were still browsing the beauty sales posts – the code you need is EXTRAFIVE and their sale is here.

3) I’d almost forgotten – I’m doing some juicing this week. I have no idea what this entails, but Mr AMR is in charge of the juicer and so he has to read the instructions and recipe booklets and tell me what to do. Philips sent me one of their Viva Collection juicers to review last year and I have been meaning to write about it, so this will give me ample opportunity to get my post done. I’ll keep you updated. (Questions: does wine count as grape juice? Also, could curry be considered to be the “juice of many spices and some onions and garlic and chilli and a bit of meat juice”?)

4) Almost done with my silliness for today, fear not. But before I leave you, can we please all acknowledge just how grumpy Mr Bear was when Dexter the Dog took his monkey toy? If looks could kill! It’s no real wonder I can’t get back into the swing of things, work-wise; I’m having far too much of a good time trying to humanise my animals.


  1. Mr Bear should meet my cat, they would make a lovely couple! She also gets very grumpy at the best of times! Love your blog.
    http://khannablog.wordpress.com/ xxx

  2. Mr. Bear’s coat looks like he just finished a Zoom Groom session. Now he’s ready for his close-up.

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