The Candle of the Perfume I’m Banned from Mentioning…

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum Candle

This candle shoots straight to the very top of my favourites list; the scent is supremely sexy. I adore Bottega Veneta’s Eau de Parfum, but until now have been banned from talking about it here on the website. My friend Alex Byrne (supremo makeup artist extraordinaire) was wearing it a couple of years ago and she would only tell me what it was if I swore not to write about it. At first I thought she was joking about this, but no: if I publicly sang the praises of Bottega Veneta and she suddenly came across an army of women doused in it, she would kill me.

But this is a candle, so I’m hoping Alex lets me off on a technicality and I don’t have to start sleeping with one eye open! And what a candle. Bottega Veneta’s Eau de Parfum lends itself exceptionally well to a home fragrance – I think it must be the gorgeous leather and patchouli notes – and the perfume lingers for days and days after the candle has been burnt. It was lit for three hours on Friday and the smell in my living room is still pretty strong today, nearly a week later.

The top notes are bergamot and pink pepper and there’s jasmine, too, as well as the leather and patchouli and “oakmoss” base notes. It’s like wearing a favourite cashmere scarf, one that is already scented with a perfume that’s feminine and beautiful, but wearing it with an expensive, worn-in leather jacket. It’s something pretty from Jo Malone crossed with something smokey from Tom Ford. I can’t get enough of it.

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Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum Candle

I’m having trouble tracking this candle down online, apart from at Bottega Veneta (£52 here) – Selfridges have it as part of a beautiful gift coffret with the actual Eau de Parfum and a luxury body cream, that set is £191 here. If you’re shopping in the actual real world (say what?) then you can find it at Harrods.

If you want to try the Eau de Parfum (don’t tell Alex) then the 50ml version is on Amazon Prime for £59.75 instead of £70.

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  1. November 11, 2015 / 11:18 pm

    I can’t believe the scent lasts that long! I much prefer using candles to air freshener, and am a big Yankee Candle fan, but this sounds incredible


    • November 13, 2015 / 5:14 pm

      Candles are better than air fresheners every time! Not only do they smell better but they’re pretty to look at as well. I bet if you did the math they’re even cheaper than air fresheners too.

  2. November 12, 2015 / 7:20 am

    It seems like Alex has a good guess on how far your influence is going…

  3. November 12, 2015 / 11:50 am

    I love anything that smells of Bergamot. This sounds like a lovely candle! Maybe a christmas treat for myself!

  4. scitote
    November 12, 2015 / 9:07 pm

    Sounds delicious!

  5. November 12, 2015 / 10:26 pm

    JM meets TF, sign me up! I love the idea you can still smell it days later. I need that!

  6. DB
    November 14, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    Erk… I’m not sure taking about the candle is that different Ruth… Hope Alex is OK with it! Sounds beautiful though, and should last a long time might only need to burn it for a few minutes at a time in our little flat! :) Xxx

  7. Ann P
    January 1, 2016 / 3:09 pm

    Totally understand where your friend is coming from! Have been wearing BV since it came out and I fell totally in love with it. Friends kept asking what it was and now some have started wearing it too. I know it’s selfish but I wish I’d kept the cat in the bag – as it were! Didn’t know there was a candle too!! Definitely on my list – once the bank balance recovers from Christmas

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