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Optimistic Makeup Wearing: The Dior Spring Look

ruth crilly

Oh, I know we’re still in the depths of winter (for people in the UK winter seems to have actually only just started) but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of optimistic, forward-looking makeup wearing. Dior’s 2016 Spring Look – Glowing Gardens – is actually just as suitable for winter as it is for spring, depending on which shades you plump for. Me being – well – me, I made a beeline straight for the pinkish-nude lipstick (Soufflé Nude), the platinum-tinted mascara (Addict IT Lash in Platine) and the beautiful Nude Air Illuminating Powder. I could just have easily have opted for bright corals and pale greens and all the colours of the springtime garden-in-bloom (see pic below for a selection). Mais non. Nude for me, all the way.

Dior Spring Look 2016 Glowing Gardens

I’m having a bit of a renewed interest when it comes to highlighters, which I’ll talk about later on in the week, but suffice to say, for now, that the Nude Air from Dior is a gorgeous example. “Glowing Nude” really warms up the skin and is a good all-year-rounder if you like that “just skin” kind of look. You know when all of your base and face products are very similar in tone? And you get an almost sporty, summery look? That.

Dior Spring Look 2016 Glowing Gardens

Dior did well with the whole design of these Nude powders – I remember when the very first variation launched, it was beauty love at first sight. Heavy, luxurious compacts with good mirrors and easy-to-blend powders with subtle, glowing finishes. I have a selection of the bronzers and complexion enhancers and they’re all pretty foolproof to use. This highlighter is just as user-friendly – not too shimmery at all and doesn’t look frosty, though I would probably not bother using the kabuki brush it comes with, cute as it is, if you want a believable application. You can find the Glowing Nude Air Glowing Gardens at Selfridges here for £40.

It’s definitely my pick of the collection, along with the absolutely delectable Soufflé Nude lipstick, which is just the softest, chicest nude-pink. If you fancy a dabble with a pretty shade this spring but don’t want it to actually be pink-pink then this is an excellent compromise. It’s £26.50 here.

Dior Spring Look 2016 Glowing Gardens

I have mixed feelings about the Platine mascara. On the one hand, the platinum shade was quite a nice – softer –  alternative to jet black, but I’m not sure it gave enough definition for me. I’m going to try it again just on the lengths of the lashes, using black at the roots. I’ll try to remember to update you re my success. If you want to take a look at the mascara (or anything else from the collection, for that matter) it’s currently exclusive to Selfridges.com.

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  1. You look great! I find that pastels wash me out so I’m skipping this one!

  2. Hi Ruth. Thank you for the great review and taking our mind off the cold and wet if only for a little while. Just love DIOR lipsticks. BTW, I’m really interested in the snazzy white and silver leopard background that you filmed on. Is that fabric? Or wall paper? any chance it’s still available to purchase? Best wishes.

  3. You look stunning yet natural. Glowing nude is a beautiful highlighter and I will definatly have to swatch it next time I see it to see if it will suit my pale skin :)

  4. What a gorgeous, subtle range of makeup! Looks splendid.


  5. I really liked the promo pictures, but I am not too keen on pastels, as they tend to wash me out. And while I am already over the dark winter colors, I haven’t settled for a new look I fancy on myself quite yet.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. I love seeing spring launches! Here in Boston I’m having a tough time believing spring exists, especially with it being -8 outside and a wallop of a snowstorm on its way. Also, a quick suggestion- could you perhaps include swatches of the shades? I’d love to see the textures and shades up close.

  7. I splurged on both highlighters and they’re so worth it, especially the packaging!

  8. I do think Dior as the prettiest Spring collection release of the year!

  9. Gorgeous, as always!

    The only thing that really caught my eye are the eyeshadow palettes. Although I usually get so disappointed when swatching them, since the beautiful colours don’t translate well on my skin :( le sigh….will likely try the lipsticks as well, the colour you’re wearing looks to be a perfect ‘have to go, don’t want makeup, this will be enough’ colour :D

  10. This whole line is perfect for you, Ruth!
    The nail polishes just say SPRING!


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