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Five Makeup Tricks to Look More Awake…

five makeup tips for a more awake face

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the day filming videos with mega-makeup artist extraordinaire, Caroline Barnes. Caroline works on the biggest A-listers and is an absolute mine of information when it comes to makeup tricks and tips – everything from plumping out lips to creating the dewiest skin finishes. I asked Caroline to go through her five biggest tips for making a face look more youthful – or less tired – however you like to phrase it. I have found these tips to be incredibly useful and have incorporated them all into my makeup routine already. They are all kinds of lip plumping, eye-droop-correcting, brow-lifting, cheek-filling, circle-lighting brilliantness. Here are five things that can make your face look more tired (or less youthful) and Caroline’s makeup solutions – watch the video for the full-length explanations and demo.

  1. Dark Undereye Circles. Possibly the most “popular” beauty complaint and it really does make your whole face look tired if your circles are particularly bad. Mine were terrible in my busiest modelling years – probably because I smoked. (I know. It seems crazy now that I ever smoked, but I was like a chimney, as were most models I knew then!) Caroline corrected the dark circles underneath my eyes using firstly a really opaque concealer (Amazing Concealer) and then a more reflective one – the Clinique Airbrush. Finally she used Max Factor’s Masterpiece Precision Shadow in Pearl Beige to create a highlight in the inner corner of the eye to bring everything alive.
  2. Loss of volume in the cheeks. I’ve noticed even in the six years that I’ve been writing A Model Recommends that my cheeks are less full and – if I’m tired or ill – they can look slightly sunken, which makes my face look drawn. Caroline’s answer? Blush to bring out the fullness of the cheeks rather than a contour (that’s so popular these days) which gives a more grown-up and sophisticated shape. Great if you’re doing full-on makeup but if you want to look fresh and bouncy? Blush all the way! Watch the video for Caroline’s guide to applying blush.
  3. Droopy eyelids. I have a droopy eyelid on one side – there’s an excess of skin on the lid, which is nice. It’s only really very noticeable when I’m tired, but these days that’s a lot, so… Caroline’s tip? Use dark shadow like a kind of “imperfection eraser”, placing the darkness on the things you want to recede – in this case, the excess skin. Again, watch the vid for a demo. It really works.
  4. Lowered brows. I don’t even know whether this is a “thing”, but my face definitely looks so much more fresh and awake when my brows are lifted. Caroline doesn’t use any expensive products here – just a touch of Elnett hairspray and a brow brush!
  5. Loss of lip plumpness. My lips are definitely less plump than they were a few years ago. I’ve always thought that the “dab of gloss on the centre of the lip” trick was the only lip-youthening cheat but Caroline actually re-draws the lipline to create an illusion of fullness. It’s actually brilliant. If you can’t see the video box below then please click here to watch.

Caroline does amazing mini-vids on Instagram – please give her a follow! https://www.instagram.com/carolinebar…

Products Used:

Decleor Neroli Oil: http://goo.gl/UEbZqP

Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Light: http://goo.gl/0iut4Q

Amazing Concealer in Fair: http://goo.gl/mW0Gvv

Clinique Airbrush Concealer in Neutral Fair: http://goo.gl/qQ6XIt

Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder: http://bit.ly/1V4u7Bq

Stila Convertible Colour (Blush) in Petunia: http://bit.ly/1Qs37rH

Max Factor Masterpiece Precision Shadow in Pearl Beige: http://tidd.ly/911de1fa

Laura Mercier Brow Pencil in Blonde Fair: http://goo.gl/zb7deR

Elnett Hair Spray: http://tidd.ly/59c2392b

Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow in Beach Bronze: http://goo.gl/srpGUw

Urban Decay Lip Liner in Stark Naked: http://bit.ly/1o44Sos

Fresh Lip Sugar in Petal: http://www.fresh.com/UK/lip-care/lip-…

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  1. Really useful tips thank you – amazing how well applied make up can transform you

  2. I swear by the Bobby Brown Corrector to cancel out my dark circles, these are my biggest concern these day. I never had plump lips and my cheeks are quite full due to pregnancy weight gain…

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. These are great tips, and I really enjoyed the video! As a 35 year old mother of three, I needed this.

  4. Really Excellent video. Love all the ‘push up’ techniques. Brilliant. Thanks Ruth

  5. Great tips, thanks for sharing x

  6. These tips are amazing! I really love how simple they are but the results are beautiful.

  7. The ironic thing about makeup when I’m tired- I know these little tricks, but when I’m so tired I need makeup to hide it I’m too tired to care and end up walking around like an over-caffeinated zombie. I’m a kindergarten teacher, btw, and those little angels turn into monsters when they know I’m tired. Makeup can’t fool them!

  8. Thank you SO much for these amazing tips Ruth, will be giving these a go.


  9. How did you stop smoking Ruth?

    • I scared myself into stopping and also read the EasyWay book twice, whilst chain-smoking, to the point where I thought that if I ever had another cigarette I might vomit myself to death. x

  10. Went into Space NK, looked for the concealer, couldn’t see it. Said to the assistant, I’m looking for a concealer but I can’t remember the name, I think it’s Absolute Miracle. Blank looks all round. Me, Oh no sorry, I saw it on Cult Beauty. My mistake. Cue polite smiles and teenage daughter dying of embarrassment. And I didn’t even get the name right haha!!

  11. Ha! Exunctly what I was looking for! A lot of these items are hitting my birthday list. I am 33 – goodness – nearly 34 – and I have two young children! (My girl is just a month younger that yours). And I was just thinking this morning how haggard I am looking! Greying (falling out) hair, eyes ringed with baby-waking-in-the-night-tiredness. And I am suffering from wintery frumpiness. But this vid has really brightened the possibilities of not looking so exhausted. What a long winded way to say thanks!

  12. The thing with the brows is utter genius and I must try it ASAP! I love the overall look. It’s so fresh and springy. I might have to get a few of the products she used.

  13. What brush did she use on your face? Love the natural base, am so over piling on the foundation/powder/bronzer on my winter skin!

  14. Hi Ruth, what moisturiser and serum have you got on under this makeup? It’s all about hydration for me and I’m still looking for the holy grail combo. Makeup looks lovely and fresh . Many thanks. Lisa x

  15. Hello Ruth,

    Love the video! Some really great tips. You suited this look so much!

    Can you please do a list of the make-up brushes that were used?

    Thank you!

  16. I love these tips! Especially anything for dark circles!!

  17. I’m going to go and buy everything now, you look amazing.

  18. Hello Ruth,

    Great video!

    I shall be trying out these tips!

    Please could you kindly list the brushes that were used in this video?

    Many thanks!

  19. Thank you so much for this video Ruth! This one came to the rescue really, since I’m loosing weight & I’m noticing some changes in the fat construction in my face.

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