Do We Really Need Sunscreen?

Murad Q&A: Do We Really Need Sunscreen?

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Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Murad Q&A series – if you want to read about this series or look at the other Q&As then click here and the list should pop up in a new window! This Q&A focuses on sunscreens. Evi:  My skincare question would have to be about sunscreen; the Murad [...]

treating hormonal acne

Murad Q&A: Treating Hormonal Acne

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 This is the third post in the Murad Q&A series. For more information on this series please see here – if you want to read the other Q&As then all of the posts should pop up here. Akilina: My question has to do with blemishes and hormonal acne. People who suffer from it hear lots [...]

a model recommends skincare questions

Dr Murad Q&A: 10 Top Skincare Questions

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In the summer I asked you to write down your most burning skincare questions so that I could pass them on to Dr Murad. I picked the ten that I thought would be most useful to a large number of people, so hopefully you will find this little Q&A series helpful. Some quick notes before [...]

face serum tips and guide

Skincare: do I really need to use a Serum?

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There have been loads of questions recently about serums; people wanting to know what they are, what to do with them and – this seems to be the most frequently asked question – whether they are worth the money. Are they just another marketing ploy to get us to add a step to our beauty [...]