StriVectin-EV Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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**UPDATE: the winners of the five prizes are…. Amylee7@xx, annaaa_p@xx, suvi@xx, spiritofradio@xx and angelakilsby@xx. If your email starts with any of those names, then check your inbox and spam! Well done winners – commiserations to everyone else. Don’t cry, I’ll organise another giveaway soon!** I wrote about StriVectin’s new “EV” range a few weeks ago [...]

strivectin-ev get even


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Long-time readers will know that I adore Strivectin’s eye cream. (If you want to see all of the posts that I’ve mentioned it in, just type “StriVectin” into the search box, or you can read the actual StriVectin-SD Review here.) Some people have reported that they gave up on it very soon after trying because [...]

StriVectin-SH Replenishing Cleanser

StriVectin-SH Replenishing Cleanser

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If you have chronically dry skin, or mature skin that can easily feel very stripped and tight, then I can thoroughly recommend StriVectin’s (quite new) Replenishing Cleanser. It’s so rich but it doesn’t leave any residue once rinsed off, which can be a problem with some of the thicker cleansers. I find that I need a [...]

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate

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 Ages ago, (April, was it?) StriVectin challenged me to test out their miracle anti-wrinkle cream and give an honest review, and I agreed. I then made a nice video of my face, close-up, and promised that in six weeks I would report back with my findings. If you want to read that original ‘challenge’ post [...]

The StriVectin Challenge

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I can’t quite remember whether StriVectin challenged me, or I challenged StriVectin, but there’s some kind of challenge going on somewhere in some form! Basically, StriVectin have given me a massive tube of Intensive Concentrate and asked me to test it out for a couple of months to see what it does. I’m pretty sure [...]

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Space NK Offer: £10 to Discover Something New!

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Kicking off the week with a bit of a shopping treat; Space NK are offering A Model Recommends readers £10 off when they spend £40 or more online. The idea is that you try something new and put the £10 towards a product that you’ve been meaning to try or that you’ve heard great things about, but [...]

ILA Spa Little Body Treats Review

Travel Beauty Essentials

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Three little products that never leave my travelling toiletries bag: StriVectin-SD Eye Cream, a teeny tube of Liquid Gold and my miniature deep sleep pillow spray from This Works. It’s my third mini deep sleep and my second eye cream but the Liquid Gold tube is a relatively new acquisition. This glycolic peel usually comes in a bottle [...]