Don’t Worry – It’s a Work in Progress!

work in progress

For those of you wondering if you’ve gone wrong somewhere and landed at the wrong website: you haven’t, and it’s not. I was just doing a bit of tinkering about and things got a little…stuck. And now, because of The Law of Sod, I have no time to work on the site until next week, so things might be a bit out of … Read More

Ruth CrillyDon’t Worry – It’s a Work in Progress!

Coming soon to a very small screen near you…

expert skincare favourites

Something new for you, this week; Friday’s video will star a special guest! Many of you will already have met Caroline Hirons (virtually, at least); she’s a beauty industry insider and a globally qualified advanced facialist and is a total wealth of information when it comes to anything skin related. Caroline has just set up her own Youtube channel and … Read More

Ruth CrillyComing soon to a very small screen near you…

Precious Pure Perfumes: Chanel Les Exclusifs

Chanel Les Exclusifs Review

Well here’s something rather special from Chanel; tiny, perfectly-formed glass flacons containing Les Exclusifs fragrances in their very purest form. Not only are the bottles themselves absolutely beautiful, with their little glass stoppers tied on with thread and dainty black seals decorating the necks, the concentrated contents of the bottles are the kind of fragrance nectar that make collectors and enthusiasts weak at … Read More

Ruth CrillyPrecious Pure Perfumes: Chanel Les Exclusifs

Lancome Air de Teint: “Before and After” Photos

face makeup ruth crilly model beauty blog

I was editing some film yesterday and came across a couple of photos that I thought may be of interest to some of you. When I’m filming videos, I take a still photograph before each segment to autofocus the camera, and two of the stills from last week’s Beauty Reviews video show quite a good “before and after” for Lancome’s Miracle Air de Teint foundation. (Please … Read More

Ruth CrillyLancome Air de Teint: “Before and After” Photos

Bathory Warning: This Soak May Cause Drowsiness

best luxury bath soaks review

A new and exciting development in the world of bathing – a world in which I like to spend as much time wallowing and sploshing as is humanly possible: The Bathory opened their virtual doors last week, allowing anyone with access to the internet an opportunity to create their own customised bath soak. It’s a simple – yet genius – idea: you pick … Read More

Ruth CrillyBathory Warning: This Soak May Cause Drowsiness

Sunday Tittle Tattle

mr bear british shorthair cat

1) Happy Easter! I hope that you’re all having a wonderful long weekend? If you are in London and looking for something to occupy an hour or two, then do pop down to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican. I went last week and it was great – very colourful and bizarre, as is only to be expected from Monsieur … Read More

Ruth CrillySunday Tittle Tattle

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 8

dexter the cockapoo

Thank you, dearest readers, for this week’s Celebrity who has hair like my Dog. This one was a great suggestion and there were so many pictures to choose from on Google Images. I have to ask though, and I am absolutely not intending to be offensive or facetious, because I love a bit of Dolly; is the person in the photograph below actually … Read More

Ruth CrillyCelebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 8

Red Carpet Preparations: The Empire Film Awards

mel arter makeup

This is the smokey eye look that I wore to the Empire Film Awards a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to have been invited by Max Factor, who were sponsoring the awards for Best Actress and Best Female Newcomer, and they very kindly asked me whether I’d like my makeup done beforehand by Mel Arter, who is, quite simply, brilliant. So of … Read More

Ruth CrillyRed Carpet Preparations: The Empire Film Awards

Beauty Reviews: Lancome Air de Teint, Clinique Feathering Mascara, Guerlain Maxi Lash

lancome air de teint foundation

Another bunch of beauty reviews for you; this time I’m “live testing” Lancome’s new Miracle Air de Teint foundation, Clinique’s new Feathering mascara and a second mascara, a violet-hued Maxi Lash version from Guerlain. The response to these videos seems to be very good, so I’ll keep on doing them so long as there’s stuff to test out. And there’s always stuff to test out, believe … Read More

Ruth CrillyBeauty Reviews: Lancome Air de Teint, Clinique Feathering Mascara, Guerlain Maxi Lash

Diptyque Skincare: My Pick of the Bunch

new diptyque skincare range

It’s a big old tick in the beauty book for Diptyque’s Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay or, said in French, which is far more pleasing, Argile de Gommage. I was fully prepared to write off Diptyque’s new skincare line as a little…how would you put it? Style over substance? And yes it is pricey and yes it is incredibly stylish in that minimalist-yet-decorative way that seems to … Read More

Ruth CrillyDiptyque Skincare: My Pick of the Bunch