The Pillow Spray for Instant Deep Sleep.

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I have a proper thing for This Works’ original Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I get twitchy without it. It sends me into the kind of deep sleep that could only otherwise be achieved after a couple of large glasses of heavy Chianti and an episode of the Antiques Roadshow. (No offence to the AR, which is something of a [...]

Unlikely Holiday Washbag Hero…

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Body washes are never the most thrilling beauty products to write about, but this little number from Weleda very much deserves a proper mention. It’s difficult to find shower gels and body cleansers that are gentle and non-drying but that actually work; lots of the effective ones leave my skin too squeaky and stripped, many [...]

The Blissful Bath: Lavender Three Ways

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Lavender Three Ways. Lavender Three Ways! Have I actually just written that down as a title? I’ll get up really early and change it to something better. If you’re reading this, I didn’t get up really early to change it to something better. I sat and watched a few episodes of Episodes (brilliant television series with Matt Leblanc, [...]

Figgy, Floral and Fruity: The Ultra Nourishing Oil

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Last week I wrote about Aurelia’s amazing Firm and Revitalise dry oil; this week it’s Roger & Gallet’s Huile Gourmande that’s taking centre stage. Or I should say that it’s the scent of it, the Fleur de Figuier that’s taking centre stage; it’s quite a loud and colourful summer smell that lingers on the skin and it has that kind of [...]

Smells that Remind me of Summer

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Oh hello August, you sizzling-hot little git! Where did you spring from? I’m still answering emails with “hope you had a good New Year”! I’m not going on holiday until September (too much to do, too much to do) and so for now, I am making do with scents that remind me of my summer holidays. Orange-blossom, [...]

The Perfect Goddess Legs Selfie

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Summer is here and – if you’re anything like me – you’re frantically hunting for your foot file and your gradual tanner to get your legs and feet into some kind of presentable condition. There’s a post coming up with some of my most-used foot products, but what about the legs? My routine has been [...]

The Kurkdjian Love-In Continues…

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Sorry about this one folks: it’s a post about an amazing product that I can’t find a proper stockist for. I’m well aware of how annoying that is, but bear with me and I’ll try to add some stockist information by the end of the day. I’m currently away from Mission Control (again) and Google [...]