Bathory Warning: This Soak May Cause Drowsiness

best luxury bath soaks review

A new and exciting development in the world of bathing – a world in which I like to spend as much time wallowing and sploshing as is humanly possible: The Bathory opened their virtual doors last week, allowing anyone with access to the internet an opportunity to create their own customised bath soak. It’s a simple – yet genius – idea: you pick … Read More

Ruth CrillyBathory Warning: This Soak May Cause Drowsiness

Bath Soak, Body Butter and a Floral Explosion

soapsmith bath and body product review

If you’re into highly highly fragranced bath and body products but would rather stab yourself in the eye with a fork than set foot in a Lush store* then you might want to take a look at Soapsmith‘s little range of potted and bottled stuff. It’s all made in East London, by hand, and each of the scents that the products are available in are … Read More

Ruth CrillyBath Soak, Body Butter and a Floral Explosion

Massage Candles: Do Not Share

Massage Candle Review janjira treatment

Now here’s a concept that on paper seems completely unessential: a candle that, when melted, doubles up as a massage oil. It’s probably not something that you’ve ever considered to be missing from your life, but let me tell you: massage candles are pretty amazing. It’s the most pleasant and indulgent way to apply a body moisturiser, if you discount … Read More

Ruth CrillyMassage Candles: Do Not Share

Weleda Espace: Some Peace in Paris…

espace weleda paris

Earlier in the month I quickly hopped over to Paris to visit the Espace Weleda, a quiet little haven in the centre of the city, offering fragrant yet uncomplicated face and body treatments. My main purpose for the visit was actually to take the time to get to know the various product lines – Weleda is a brand that I use … Read More

Ruth CrillyWeleda Espace: Some Peace in Paris…

Rev-Me-Up Morning Oils! Wakey Wakey…

aromatherapy associates oils

I tend to harp on about relaxation a lot. A lot. But this week I seem to have slipped into sluggish mode – I’ve hit my Christmas “wall” a few weeks early and want to do nothing more than lie under a pile of blankets and snooze. Not convenient when you are off to Paris and then immediately to Dubai and … Read More

Ruth CrillyRev-Me-Up Morning Oils! Wakey Wakey…

Found Whilst Packing Up: NATIO Body Gloss

bodycare review

Another little gem that I found when I was packing up to move house; Natio’s Wellness Body Gloss. I’ve been using it constantly ever since – it’s rather unusual texture was instantly appealing! I’d associate the words ‘body gloss’ with some kind of skin-finishing product; a dry oil, perhaps, or one of those sheeny, glimmery body lotions. But this is almost … Read More

Ruth CrillyFound Whilst Packing Up: NATIO Body Gloss

Bois d’Orange: Desperately Clinging on to Summer

orange oil and cream bodycare

Injecting some much-needed sunshine into this rainy week we have Roger & Gallet’s Creme Sublime Or perfumed body cream and Huile Sublime Bois d’Orange nourishing oil. Just look at those beautiful honeyed colours! I took this photo in front of a wicker hamper to make it feel all harvest festival-y, do hope that you appreciate the effort. Now that I’m not using Instagram filters … Read More

Ruth CrillyBois d’Orange: Desperately Clinging on to Summer

Found Whilst Packing Up: Rose with a Difference!

luxury rose beauty products

Two absolute beauty gems that I found when I was packing up my office. Both empty, actually, but I often hang on to empties to remind myself to repurchase! I have talked about the ILA Spa Bath Oil for Glowing Radiance before – it is just gorgeous. A very heady scent of tuberose that’s a far cry from your classic rose-scented bath oil. This … Read More

Ruth CrillyFound Whilst Packing Up: Rose with a Difference!

Vita Liberata Backstage at Temperley

beauty temperley ss14

I have been using Vita Liberata’s Illuminating Skin Finish for a good few months now – it was a permanent fixture on my bathroom shelf over the summer and I used it on my legs before loads of important events and parties. It is what it says it is – a skin illuminator – but it’s not quite the same … Read More

Ruth CrillyVita Liberata Backstage at Temperley

Thing of Beauty: Angel Perfumed Body Cream

body cream review

Taken on face value, this is the kind of product I hate. A body cream in a novelty container that’s part of a mainstream fragrance line. Blurp. However; make that a mainstream fragrance that is weirdly addictive, add it to a cream that has been formulated by the same people who make the brilliant Clarins ones, stick it into a … Read More

Ruth CrillyThing of Beauty: Angel Perfumed Body Cream