Found Whilst Packing Up: NATIO Body Gloss

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Another little gem that I found when I was packing up to move house; Natio’s Wellness Body Gloss. I’ve been using it constantly ever since – it’s rather unusual texture was instantly appealing! I’d associate the words ‘body gloss’ with some kind of skin-finishing product; a dry oil, perhaps, or one of those sheeny, glimmery body [...]

Bois d’Orange: Desperately Clinging on to Summer

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Injecting some much-needed sunshine into this rainy week we have Roger & Gallet’s Creme Sublime Or perfumed body cream and Huile Sublime Bois d’Orange nourishing oil. Just look at those beautiful honeyed colours! I took this photo in front of a wicker hamper to make it feel all harvest festival-y, do hope that you appreciate the effort. Now that [...]

Found Whilst Packing Up: Rose with a Difference!

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Two absolute beauty gems that I found when I was packing up my office. Both empty, actually, but I often hang on to empties to remind myself to repurchase! I have talked about the ILA Spa Bath Oil for Glowing Radiance before – it is just gorgeous. A very heady scent of tuberose that’s a far cry from your [...]

Vita Liberata Backstage at Temperley

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I have been using Vita Liberata’s Illuminating Skin Finish for a good few months now – it was a permanent fixture on my bathroom shelf over the summer and I used it on my legs before loads of important events and parties. It is what it says it is – a skin illuminator – but [...]

Thing of Beauty: Angel Perfumed Body Cream

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Taken on face value, this is the kind of product I hate. A body cream in a novelty container that’s part of a mainstream fragrance line. Blurp. However; make that a mainstream fragrance that is weirdly addictive, add it to a cream that has been formulated by the same people who make the brilliant Clarins [...]

Thing of Beauty: L’Occitane Milk Concentrate

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Quite possibly my most favourite body cream of all time, I have thought up a new category for l’Occitane’s Amande Concentre de Lait: Thing of Beauty. I shall reserve this category only for things that I love totally and utterly, without reservation and ignoring little details such as…er…price. It just so happens that this unctuous, heavy-jarred [...]

How to Care for your Hands

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An oft-requested feature, this one, but if you’re looking for manicure tips then I’m afraid I’ll disappoint. I rarely mess about with my own nails in terms of cuticles and so on – I file my nails when I need to, but for serious maintenance of the nail beds I go for a proper manicure [...]

My “Perfect Legs” Kit

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Two weeks ago, my legs were in a bit of a state. Not at all presentable.  As well as my thighs being a bit wibbly, thanks to my many weeks sitting like a slug in front of the computer, I had managed to burn my bottom (don’t ask), get bitten by some horrid flea-like insect [...]