Monumental News: I’ve launched my own Dry Shampoo!

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Something of a momentous post, this one, because today is the day that my dry shampoo range, COLAB, launches. What dry shampoo range? I hear you cry. This is the first I’ve bloody heard about it! Apologies, my dearest readers, but I’ve been under a bit of a gagging order and haven’t been able to talk about the range [...]

Preparations for the Cannes Red Carpet…

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If you follow my Instagram and Twitter feeds, you’ll already know that last week I got to do something quite amazing and magical. After thirteen years in “the business” I’m not that easily impressed by fashion or beauty stuff (I’ve worn a lot of fine dresses and had a lot of makeup put on my face!) but Dior [...]

The Four Month Hair Colour

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It has suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t had my hair colour done in nearly four months. Four months! I have hardly any noticeable regrowth and the colour on the lengths of my hair still looks as nice and rich as it did on the day it was tinted. (Actually, I lie: I think it [...]

Does Hair Styling Get Easier Than This? (Clue: No)

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We need to talk about Mark Hill’s Wicked Waver. Because although it looks a little…unconventional…it’s actually one of the easiest hair tools I’ve ever used. No moving parts to tangle up your tresses, no complicated sectioning rituals; just easy, relaxed waves requiring the absolute minimum in terms of effort and skill. It’s hair styling at its [...]

Retro Hair Waves and Natural, Glowing Makeup…

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I’m rather pleased with my latest video – I’ve mastered the art of the loose curl using my Babyliss Pro Curl! With the accompanying glowy, sunkissed skin I’ll admit that it’s not very Christmassy, but I am in Dubai and it’s about twenty seven degrees here so it just felt wrong to go ahead with [...]

Where do all the Hairbands Go?

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Where do all my hairbands go? I have no idea! They’re like pens – I must buy about 40 Bic Medium Biros every year and can I ever find one? No. I end up writing shopping lists with lipliners and signing cheques with my own blood. (Last bit was a joke, obviously. Though it would [...]