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Lancome Air de Teint: “Before and After” Photos

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I was editing some film yesterday and came across a couple of photos that I thought may be of interest to some of you. When I’m filming videos, I take a still photograph before each segment to autofocus the camera, and two of the stills from last week’s Beauty Reviews video show quite a good “before and after” for Lancome’s Miracle Air de Teint foundation. (Please ... Read More »

Red Carpet Preparations: The Empire Film Awards

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This is the smokey eye look that I wore to the Empire Film Awards a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to have been invited by Max Factor, who were sponsoring the awards for Best Actress and Best Female Newcomer, and they very kindly asked me whether I’d like my makeup done beforehand by Mel Arter, who is, quite simply, brilliant. So of ... Read More »

Beauty Reviews: Lancome Air de Teint, Clinique Feathering Mascara, Guerlain Maxi Lash

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Another bunch of beauty reviews for you; this time I’m “live testing” Lancome’s new Miracle Air de Teint foundation, Clinique’s new Feathering mascara and a second mascara, a violet-hued Maxi Lash version from Guerlain. The response to these videos seems to be very good, so I’ll keep on doing them so long as there’s stuff to test out. And there’s always stuff to test out, believe ... Read More »

Full Coverage Just Got Sexier…

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Vichy Dermablend’s award-winning corrective makeup just got a whole lot sleeker. The slightly clinical-looking packaging has gone, replaced by black lacquered casing, and my favourite product, the Corrective Stick (formerly the Cream Stick) is now a slimmer shape and more precise. It’s all just a bit more sexy, more streamlined; they’re products that look good in your makeup bag rather than looking as ... Read More »

Ooh-er missus …it’s Nude Kate!

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 There were a few cooing noises made over the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that was pictured in Sunday’s Tittle Tattle post: the shade name is Nude Kate and it is most worthy of being cooed over! This is a rich and velvety nude, not a wishy-washy neutral; there’s no “barely there” or “my lips but better” about this one. It’s an opaque, ... Read More »

This Year’s Lipsticks: The First of the Brights…

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First ultra-bright lipstick test of the year: Soaked from Illamasqua’s Glamore collection. Illamasqua do the most ridiculously pigmented lipsticks; I’ve had quite a job getting this one to come off. It’s like car paint. You’ll have to excuse-moi my dark circles in the photo above; I promise you they weren’t there before I put the lipstick on! It seems the first rule of bright-lippie club is ... Read More »

Studio 10: Makeup for Perfecting and Correcting

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I’ve been making an effort, recently, to try and do before-and-after photos when I review makeup products. It’s hard to do this for everything that’s out there, but there are certain launches that end up catching my eye. In the press release for a new cosmetics line, Studio 10, there was a “before” shot of a lady wearing what could only be described ... Read More »

Beauty Reviews: Nude Lips and the Perfect Glowing Base

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Something slightly different in video-world this week, just to shake things up a bit. If you like the idea, I’ll do more. This is a little film dedicated purely to makeup reviews – more specifically, makeup reviews that have been requested by readers here on the website or people who follow my Twitter or Instagram feeds. The Eve Lom makeup ... Read More »

The Eve Lom Makeup Test: Surprise Verdict

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A rather belated review, I’m afraid; I had a bit of a shade mix-up with the Eve Lom products when they were first launched and then they got a little overlooked for a while, partly because I wasn’t overly wowed by the product that I tried first (spoiler alert!) but mostly because my schedule went haywire and I simply couldn’t ... Read More »