Making Lipsticks: Sundae Inspired Shades

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As part of my work on their 100 Years of Glamour campaign*, Max Factor took me to their Lipstick Laboratory down in Surrey to do something extremely exciting: lipstick making. I have always loved making a mess with oozy, unctuous stuff and so I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I received the invitation. I feared, initially, that it [...]

New Diorskin Star Foundation: Tried and Tested

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I’m back with another Beauty Reviews video; this time it’s Dior’s new Diorskin Star Foundation that takes centre stage, along with a brilliant primer from Smashbox and an old makeup favourite, Pixi’s Natural Brow Duo. I’ll be talking about the Smashbox primer in another post and the Brow Duo has been mentioned here on the site about sixty-five million times, so it’s [...]

Nails: The Cara Delevingne-Inspired Manicure

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This nail look by @NailArtistMartha was inspired by the gorgeous new Chanel campaign that stars Cara Delevingne. I desperately want to do some kind of “get the look” makeup video based on the new campaign image (I would love to know what Cara has woven into her hair!) so no doubt we’ll be returning to this manicure for that, too. [...]

My Brigitte Bardot Makeup Look

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This year Max Factor are celebrating 100 Years of Glamour. It has been a whole hundred years since Mr Max Factor (real person!) launched his first ever cosmetic, his Flexible Grease Paint Foundation. Max Factor was a bit of a mover and a shaker in the makeup world; he was a big Hollywood makeup artist, working on all [...]

Budget Beauty: Best-Buy Makeup

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I really need to get some kind of video-posting system going; I publish a video and then it takes me about five weeks to write about it! I am mid-way through a website re-structure (if you ever come to the site during the witching hours (2am-4am) you’ll no doubt see all kind of weird experiments [...]

NailKale: Posh Polish (Never Mind the Superfoods)

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This week I asked the lovely Martha (@NailArtistMartha) to test out NailsInc’s newest launch for me. It’s called NailKale. Which has a nice ring to it, I’ll admit, a good old-fashioned rhyme; but the sceptical part of my brain (97% of it) is screaming PLEASE DON’T TRY TO TELL ME THAT THIS POLISH HAS KALE IN IT AND [...]

How to Wear: Electric Eyeliner

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This electric pale blue eyeliner is completely out of my comfort zone but I really, really like it. I was only playing about when I tried it on the lower waterline but then I looked in the mirror* and wham! Love it first sight! I think that it’s really fresh and brightening – perhaps because it’s [...]

Terra Tropica: Beautiful Bronzing

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Oh, my Beauty Heart, be still, be still, be still! Do summer palettes get much prettier? The Terra Tropica from Guerlain is definitely right up there with the most desirable makeup morsels of the summer. And this is full summer – high summer – that we’re looking at now, not your namby-pamby easing-yourself-in kind of summer. [...]