Moisturiser Recommendation: REN’s V-Cense

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For the past four months, on and off, I have been testing out REN’s V-Cense creams; the Youth Vitality Day Cream and the Revitalising Night Cream. I say “on and off” because the longest period of uninterrupted use was probably about three weeks; for the rest of the time it has been a bit of a scattergun approach. [...]

My Holiday Skincare Routine

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This skincare trio worked so well for my skin when I was away in Greece. A little something pre-SPF (the Decleor Tan Activator Serum, in the little glass bottle) and then something balmy and soothing for afterwards, when all of the sunscreen and sand and salty sea-water had been cleansed away. That would be the Decleor High Repair After [...]

Thirst-Quenching Beauty for End-of-Summer Skin.

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Some thirst-quenching skincare bits to see us through the last of the warm weather. I’m actually off on my hols soon (I have never been so glad to have some time away!) and will definitely be slathering these on to keep my skin hydrated and comfortable. We have, from left to right: 1) The Hyaluronic Concentrate from Hand Chemistry. This [...]

How to Wear Makeup on Blemish-Prone Skin…

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  Smashbox’s Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer has been very swiftly promoted to my “hall of fame” level – or “holy grail” status, as I think the proper term might be these days. It’s outstanding, this primer, in that it addresses a concern that deeply affects many women but it does this without going in for any [...]

Wild Rose Beauty Balm: A True Multitasker

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I can’t actually remember what prompted me to use this beauty balm as a cleanser; I had always seen it knocking about in online reviews and videos and assumed that it was a kind of moisturiser. A bit like the Decleor balms that you heat between your palms and press over the skin. (It’s that [...]

Gentle Clay Face Masks for PMT Skin

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I mentioned Diptyque’s luscious Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay for the Face earlier on this year, but I feel that it most definitely requires a second visit. Because somehow, out of the dozens of beauty products that are crammed into my bathroom, this understated little tub of creamy clay has managed to become one of my favourite bathtime rituals. [...]

Facial Swipes for Grubby, Temperamental Skin.

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I’m not a great believer in face wipes, but these are face swipes, not face wipes, and that makes them a-ok. I jest of course; but there’s far more to this little packet of beauty tissues than just a jazzed-up name. For a start, they’re nothing like your run-of-the-mill wipe; some of the versions out there are just hideous. Quite [...]

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum: Testing Complete!

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I have just finished a month-long testing session using Lancôme’s best-selling serum, Advanced Génifique*. Actually, it was slightly more than a month; I managed to tip out the very last drops of serum on day 34, which I thought was pretty good going considering that I’d been applying it twice-daily to face, neck and decolletage! The whole testing idea [...]