My Updated Autumn Makeup Look

autumn makeup tutorial

Here’s the Autumn makeup look from Monday’s video, shown in full. And yes I did revise it and remove the dark, harsh eyeliner! Although many of you actually really liked it (thank you for your kind words) I couldn’t quite get my head around it and so I re-filmed using shadow around the lashline for softer definition. (For those who wanted … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Updated Autumn Makeup Look

Quick and Easy Autumn Makeup Updates

beauty video makeup tutorial

A short and sweet little roundup of my quick makeup updates for Autumn. Generally, things in my makeup bag just get a little more sultry and warm; a tawnier bronzer (or brownish blush, depending on which way you look at it), a vampish nail colour, a stronger brow and a slightly darker-than-usual lipstick. The last update concerns radiance and is, … Read More

Ruth CrillyQuick and Easy Autumn Makeup Updates

My Homemade Burberry Makeup Look

burberry beauty look model

So many people commented on my makeup that I wore to the Burberry show that I thought I’d knock together a quick recreation of it on video. It isn’t exact, I’m afraid, but that’s partly because I didn’t have the foggiest recollection of how I’d done it all in the first place. I often apply my makeup whilst half asleep, munching … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Homemade Burberry Makeup Look

How to Get the Glow and Stop the Shine!

model beauty ruth crilly

Possibly the worst of the summer skin problems is having to deal with excess shine. Shine either brought on by overactive oil glands or by sweating or both. Not the most glamorous of subjects, I grant you, but you’re talking to the woman who wrote a whole post about toilets with faraway doors, so this shouldn’t come as much of … Read More

Ruth CrillyHow to Get the Glow and Stop the Shine!

Pixiwoo Swimming Pool Makeup Tutorial

two magazine new issue

For those who were asking about a tutorial on my TWO Magazine cover makeup – it’s out. Sam from Pixiwoo actually filmed the tutorial on the shoot itself, so it’s a nice behind-the-scenes kind of video, as well as being instructive. I say instructive, but there’s also a lot of chit-chat going down! If you can’t see the video player below then … Read More

Ruth CrillyPixiwoo Swimming Pool Makeup Tutorial

Simple Sultry Summer Look…

makeup tutorial model

This is the video that accompanies my latest feature for the Telegraph – Luxury Summer Makeup Treats. I’ll link to that piece at the bottom of the page – it’s a roundup of my favourite high-end bits and bobs for this season. Delights include the new cream shadow from Tom Ford, a ridiculously bright lip colour from Hourglass and this … Read More

Ruth CrillySimple Sultry Summer Look…

Visionnaire Foundation and Other Items of Interest

face makeup review

As promised, a video with some of my current makeup favourites in action. You can see the Sunday Riley Primer and the Lancome Visionnaire Foundation being applied as well as a brilliant new bronzer from the Body Shop and a little cream blush from Bourjois. On the eyes, a KIKO cream shadow (it’s amazing) and one of the new Benefit shadows. This … Read More

Ruth CrillyVisionnaire Foundation and Other Items of Interest

Best of Spring Makeup Collection

face makeup review

Stupidly, I tidied my beauty room in a hurry. I mean “tidy” in the loosest possible sense of the word, because what I really did was open up all of the drawers in my storage units and sweep everything into them. This doesn’t bode well for any product that has less than eye-catching packaging; I fear that a good few “springtime” products … Read More

Ruth CrillyBest of Spring Makeup Collection

My New Look: The Bold Red Lip

red lipstick makeup tutorial

In this video I’m just trying to mix things up a bit, makeup-wise, as you do. I usually go for a nude lip on a night out, but I was in a rush when I filmed this look and I wanted to have something a little more bold and dramatic, something that would provide a “polished” finish without me having … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy New Look: The Bold Red Lip

My Essentials for the Perfect Makeup Base

ruth crilly model beauty blog

I thought that I’d share with you my current foundation “routine”. Obviously it varies a little from time to time; I adapt it to suit the weather, how my skin’s looking and the products that I want to test out, but this is the general gist of it. I’ve used a radiance primer (Laura Mercier’s) beneath Dior’s Forever foundation and … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Essentials for the Perfect Makeup Base