My New Look: The Bold Red Lip

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In this video I’m just trying to mix things up a bit, makeup-wise, as you do. I usually go for a nude lip on a night out, but I was in a rush when I filmed this look and I wanted to have something a little more bold and dramatic, something that would provide a [...]

My Essentials for the Perfect Makeup Base

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I thought that I’d share with you my current foundation “routine”. Obviously it varies a little from time to time; I adapt it to suit the weather, how my skin’s looking and the products that I want to test out, but this is the general gist of it. I’ve used a radiance primer (Laura Mercier’s) [...]

How to Cheat Healthy Glowing Skin!

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A voiceover video for you because I can’t yet talk for more than two minutes without breaking out into the most unladylike, honking cough. It’s actually surprisingly difficult, when making videos, to get all of the different elements to come together without error; to get your words right at the same time as keeping the [...]

My Holiday Makeup and Tiny Shorts!

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I pretty much stuck to the same makeup look every night that I was away on holiday – boring, I know, but I just couldn’t be bothered to play around. I had only taken a few key items away with me, anyway, and had done on purpose so that I couldn’t be tempted to do [...]

Christmas Top to Toe!

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A quick style and beauty video for you, but with a slight difference because I’m wearing a rather odd ensemble – my Christmas jumper and slippers! And trousers, obviously, otherwise that really would give you a jolt! There’s more info on the makeup used underneath the video pane – if you can’t see the video [...]

NEW: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

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I’ve been itching to tell you about this cute little “mini Naked” palette from Urban Decay! It’s not actually a “mini” version of the Naked palette at all, though it is much, much smaller; it’s actually something of a matte version. If you have either of the original Naked palettes then you’ll know that they’re chock-full of [...]

My Current Makeup Routine for Filming…

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Here’s my latest video – the makeup routine that I’ve been following for my latest bout of filming days. (Daily Mix TV launches next week, by the way – if you’re not subscribed, you can find all of the details on this page here.) If you were interested in seeing the Givenchy Matte foundation in [...]

Autumn Makeup Favourites

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Please be seated for my Autumn Favourites video – a little edit of some bits and pieces that I’ve been messing about with recently. It’s actually very few products compared to the usual seasonal round-ups – I always feel as though I put too much in, and so I’ve really only gone for the things that I’ve [...]