Cat Brush Review. Yes, I have Stooped That Low.

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Ah, you knew it would happen: a cat grooming post. I actually have a few more planned, too! People who have no interest in cats, cat-grooming or rubber nubbly brushes, look away now. There’s plenty to keep you occupied elsewhere, including (now here’s a treat!) my top-to-toe animal print tutorial which published exactly one year ago [...]

Where’s My Cat?

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Thoughts on this, pet owners: a GPS tracker for your cat or dog. There’s a new pet gadget in town and it’s called the G-Paws – as seen on The Secret Life of the Cat, which I have yet to watch. (It’s on my list: I’m waiting until I have a nice night in with a [...]

Crime Scene Cats

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I am currently amusing myself by taking pictures of my sleeping cat and making them look like crime scenes. See above. They tend to work really well if you put them through Instagram and hit that little sunshine (contrast) button above the effects – it gives a very realistic shadow around the body! Morbid, yes, [...]

Sunday Tittle Tattle

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Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks… 1) I am about to start testing a new product from Kiehl’s – the Skin Rescuer. It doesn’t launch for a while yet but I want to give it a proper go before I write a review. [...]

Do I Look Fat Like This?

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Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist. Poor old Mr Bear. It really is the angle, you know. He’s not actually overweight! Apparently British Shorthair cats can grow up to 10kg, and Mr Bear is around 6kg. He still looks teeny to me, but then when I see other cats I realise just how chunky he is. The big, [...]

Mr Bear the Cat: First Ever Interview

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Yes, I do realise that Mr Bear is a cat and cannot, in fact, answer interview questions. I’m not crazy. Yet. But I thought you might like to see a little video interview that I did with Pets Pyjamas, a luxury online store for posh pet products! I must say that Mr Bear was extremely well-behaved throughout [...]

The Dancing Cat

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Just a little light comic relief for you all on this fine September Saturday. As I stab myself repeatedly in the eye with a biro (essay hell, don’t ask) you can watch my cat dancing with a feather on a stick. Don’t say I never give you anything. PS: Mr AMR is cross that I [...]

The Bear’s Caption Contest!

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Every time I post a photo of Bear on Instagram or Facebook, I get loads of brilliant comments, some of them very funny. So I thought I’d run a caption contest. It may become a regular thing, if you like it! To enter, just leave your caption in the comments below and make sure you [...]