Housekeeping in the Heat

Cream British Shorthair in Sink!

Whoo! It is H-O-T here in London! As a sun-worshipper you’d think that I’d have been basking in my roof-garden but no, I have been house-keeping. Not the domestic kind, but the technical computer-based kind. In yet another hurdle that has been set before me, my database decided to develop a bit of a problem with one of the features … Read More

Ruth CrillyHousekeeping in the Heat

No Room at the Inn.

Mr Bear the British Shorthair

There’s barely any room left for me on my own chair. “No Room at the Inn”, you might say. This isn’t because I have inexplicably piled on a load of weight, more that Mr Bear (the kitten, fast becoming huge) has decided that his favourite place to be in the whole house is wedged between my bottom and the side … Read More

Ruth CrillyNo Room at the Inn.

Follow Mr Bear

mr bear the cream british shorthair

Due to overbearing demand (well, about twelve people) Mr Bear the British Shorthair now has his own Twitter feed. It saves me clogging up my timeline with constant cat-related rambling (though that will inevitably continue) and gives him a chance to practice his grammar. You can follow him here: Here are a few little snapshots for your amusement. It has … Read More

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Staffordshire Bear Terrier

Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.34.06

For those of you having Mr Bear withdrawal, here he is having an “outdoors experience” in his new harness. Doesn’t he look stocky? He was watching a bee and about to pounce! At the risk of sounding like the mad cat-lady, I’ll give you a little Bear update: he is now 5 months old exactly (today!) and weighs 6lbs 3oz. … Read More

Ruth CrillyStaffordshire Bear Terrier

New Kitten Mr Bear!

Cream British Shorthair Kitten

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen me announce the arrival of Mr Bear. He’s my new kitten. A British Shorthair. I adopted him from a wonderful lady in Devon and he is now thirteen weeks old. He’s absolutely mental – he spends half the time trying to climb impossible surfaces and the other half falling into a … Read More

Ruth CrillyNew Kitten Mr Bear!