Sexy Skincare Sets.

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Sexy little skincare sets for those thinking of introducing friends and family to something new, beauty-wise; most of these are “tried and tested”; the Aesop is unknown territory but one that I’ve had my eye on for a good while. The first on the list is the Hello Sexy mask set from Glamglow – one large Supermud [...]

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Bargains

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Hopefully you’re all finished up with your Christmas shopping and you can sit back and relax, smug in the knowledge that all you have left to pick up is a sack of potatoes and a family tin of Quality Street. Unfortunately, I am still floundering about like some kind of demented cod, trying to plan [...]

BOOM! Ka-Pow!

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BOOM! This is good, isn’t it? Carmex in a loud tin – the perfect emergency stocking filler. I’m a sucker for interesting packaging, me. Carmex, £3.99, More Christmas Gift Ideas…  

Things We Would Gladly Receive, Ta Ever So.

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Ah yes, my favourite Gift Guide Video of them all: the luxury one with all the stuff that you might not treat yourself to but would love to find under the tree. You’ll have to watch it to find out what’s on this year’s list, but (spoiler alert) there is the most amazing candle set ever: Ten [...]

What to Buy Men for Christmas: Some Ideas

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On Mr AMR’s Christmas list: a kayak, a “strong torch” (?), a remote control helicopter camera that takes aerial views (of course), a snazzy dressing gown. His words. He’ll kill me for making this list public, but I wanted to demonstrate how difficult men are to buy for. Or is it just my man? It’s [...]

Ginsberg is God: The Greenhouse Candle

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I don’t know about Ginsberg being God but somebody definitely is – whoever made this candle, for a start. It’s absolutely gorgeous! It has a really unusual scent that reminds me of when I used to hide in my granny’s greenhouse, tucked into the tangle of branches and vines. A green smell. Wet leaves? The [...]