Narciso Eau de Parfum Review

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Wah! Sorry to be a total beauty enabler this week, but Narciso Eau de Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez is just an absolute show-stopper. Look at that bottle! So understated and chic with its smooth, square lid and simple bottle design. And how many white perfumes have you seen? It’s like a measure of the most perfectly pure milk, [...]

YSL Black Opium: Your Winter Fragrance Sorted

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Oh ho ho, I am so ready for deep and sexy wintertime perfumes and Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is just about as sexy as they come. I mentioned Chanel’s Coco Noir Parfum last week – it’s a very concentrated, sexed-up version of the popular eau de toilette – but I must say that Black Opium has knocked my socks off. (I’d use ruder [...]

Coco Noir Parfum: Shadowy Boudoirs and Exquisite Lingerie…

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Earlier in the year I wrote about Chanel’s amazing Les Exclusifs; highly concentrated perfumes in teeny, beautifully-crafted glass flacons with perfectly formed stoppers and chic, minimalist labelling. Just a few drops of these special perfumes and you’re scented for days; Beige stayed on, if I remember rightly, through two baths and quite a few nights! Read more about Les Exclusifs… [...]

Hot and Heady Summer Scents

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I know that I’ve covered summer scents already, but I was sorting through my Cabinet of many Beauty Secrets and putting fragrances into groups (as you do) and this was the collection I nicknamed “hot and heady”. I also have a group called “naughty rose” (I kid you not) and one called “figgy pudding”. I’ll share those with [...]

Figgy, Floral and Fruity: The Ultra Nourishing Oil

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Last week I wrote about Aurelia’s amazing Firm and Revitalise dry oil; this week it’s Roger & Gallet’s Huile Gourmande that’s taking centre stage. Or I should say that it’s the scent of it, the Fleur de Figuier that’s taking centre stage; it’s quite a loud and colourful summer smell that lingers on the skin and it has that kind of [...]

Smells that Remind me of Summer

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Oh hello August, you sizzling-hot little git! Where did you spring from? I’m still answering emails with “hope you had a good New Year”! I’m not going on holiday until September (too much to do, too much to do) and so for now, I am making do with scents that remind me of my summer holidays. Orange-blossom, [...]

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique: Just Got A Lot Better.

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I don’t usually post about things before they’re released but this perfume has stolen my heart. It’s the Classique Intense from Jean Paul Gaultier and it’s due to be launched next month, just in time for those hot, sultry evenings when you want a fragrance that’s heady and exotic and sexy. I don’t actually like the original Classique (though a [...]

Precious Pure Perfumes: Chanel Les Exclusifs

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Well here’s something rather special from Chanel; tiny, perfectly-formed glass flacons containing Les Exclusifs fragrances in their very purest form. Not only are the bottles themselves absolutely beautiful, with their little glass stoppers tied on with thread and dainty black seals decorating the necks, the concentrated contents of the bottles are the kind of fragrance nectar that make [...]