Fragrance: Cashmere Blankets and Dreaming of Holidays…

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Here’s a warm, uplifting little fragrance to see you through to the summer; Connock London’s Kukui. If you haven’t had the pleasure of smelling the Kukui range then you’ve just found another thing to add to your list – it’s a beautifully soft and comforting scent that has a slightly woody, masculine base. My first introduction to the range [...]

Some Springtime Scent Suggestions…

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Sorry for that quite horrid bit of alliteration in the post title; I’m writing this at just before one in the morning and, after a certain time, my brain switches into Standby Mode. I start thinking in clichés and overusing semicolons; I have to fight my own fingers in order to produce sentences with less [...]

NUXE Prodigieux: I’m Starting Summer Early.

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My latest Hush order has arrived: just look at those colours! I bought a cotton printed maxi-dress, the cut and style identical to the snake-print one that I had last year, and I also purchased a snazzy pair of lobster-print pyjama bottoms. Both items I had intended to keep until the warmer months but I [...]

Dozing Beneath the Fig Tree…

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I’m not quite sure how this fragrance has managed to pass me by. I thought that I was fully versed in the delights that Jo Malone has to offer, but apparently not! This Wild Fig & Cassis is, on paper, totally up my street – I adore fig fragrances and especially those that have a bit of [...]

Majestic Roses, Powdery Boudoirs and Heady Jasmines!

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Some lovely summer scents for you, though we are now heading on into the autumn. Or will I be strung up for saying that? I’m just being realistic. We’ve had the best summer for years, and this is Britain, so something bad is bound to happen to the weather soon. Just saying. Anyway: fragrances. I have some [...]

La Vie Est Belle for Lightweights…

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Outwardly, this perfume looks exactly like La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. And it is, though there are a few important tweaks that have been made inside the bottle. This is the lighter, Légère version, perfect for warm days and also (dare I say this?) for those who found the original version a little too overpowering. Personally, I absolutely [...]

Reader Offer: Free Jo Malone Sample!

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*UPDATE: a few people having trouble with the landing site at Jo Malone. It’s working for me (13:00hrs on Monday) but I see that it’s for UK residents only. That could be the trouble! I didn’t realise, sorry about that.* In one month’s time, Jo Malone London release their latest fragrance, the gorgeous Peony & Blush Suede. [...]