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Which Supplements Should I Be Taking?

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I must tell you that I get thoroughly confused when it comes to supplements. No longer is a simple multivitamin enough; a new superfood or magical health-improving tablet seems to be added to the long list of nutritional “must-haves” every week. And I used to be really sceptical about them, until I saw the benefits [...]

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Light Lunch: The Classic Greek Salad

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Not really a recipe, more an idea. A passing thought. Namely: how amazing is a Greek salad when you haven’t had one in a while? I get sick of feta cheese very easily, especially when I go to Greece on holiday and have it for virtually every meal, but after a bit of a feta hiatus I do enjoy [...]

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How to Start Running – Tips from the Top!

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Two weeks ago I attempted to start running. I say “attempted” because I did two runs and then realised that I was totally and utterly unequipped to take on the challenge. As a total non-runner, I had thought that just sticking on some trainers and downloading an iPhone app would be the answer to all [...]

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Friends with NutriBullets…

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A little update: I went for a night out with friends this week, after I had already scheduled my NutriBullet review. Four girls, out together – we went to see The Book of Mormon in the West End, it was great fun, thanks for asking! – and naturally I was quite excited to tell them all about [...]

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Useful Beauty Products to Take to the Gym.

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Continuing along the whole “health and fitness” vein; some useful beauty products that I take with me to the gym. On video for your entertainment – and boy is it entertaining. Especially if you like the word “moist”, or want to have the mental image of me doing naked bending and stretching burnt into your brains for [...]

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NutriBullet 900 Pro: The Ultimate Healthy Smoothie Maker

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And so, when I had only just got my head around the idea of juicing, something else was thrown into the mix: blending. As in smoothies. (But not the mango and papaya sweet-as-you-like things you can buy with your croissants in the morning; we’re talking very green and very healthy smoothies, here. Spinach and spring greens and avocados and blended-up [...]